History and monkeys

Well, Misery seems to have a problem with her computer. Hal, the Apple.

Anyway, I am not interested as she has bought herself another one called HP, the Sauce.

So long as my blog is updated and there are Pippapix, that is all I care about.

If you are interested in Misery’s computer woes (and I tell you – there are plenty of them) you need to look at her blogs. I think the Land Rover blog is free of them.

Now. More interestingly, I was on Monkey Duty the other day.

Sniffing, looking

We had a nice walk up our back streets and came around the top of Trafalgar Cemetery. People think lots of British sailors are buried here from the battle of Trafalgar in 1805, but actually there are only two. Most of those who died at Trafalgar were buried at sea, and Lord Nelson was taken back to the UK for a state funeral. Many of the graves are for people who died from yellow fever in the early 19th century.

Cemetery entrance

Sign about the history of the cemetery

A peaceful spot

Anyway the history lesson is over. As we all know, next to the cemetery are fig trees, where my friends the monkeys come to sit and eat. So yesterday, when I walked past the cemetery I could sniff the monkeys had been there. But I couldn’t see them. Only smell them. No monkeys in sight.

Poking head through wall to look for monkeys

I know you are there – or you have been there

Come on monkeys – talk to Pippa

Update –
She has also been too busy GeoCatzing to post this before now, so I will write about my geocatz adventures next.


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