I have something very exciting to write about.

Monkeys. Yes that’s right, monkeys.

I spotted them on the city wall gates a few weeks ago, and stood watching them and sniffing them. They chattered away but I don’t understand monkey.

Anyway, off we went for our morning walk. Mistress was distracting herself with ship photos again. Yawn.

Waiting for Misery to come back from shipwatch.

We set off back up the hill and I could smell them. Misery and Master were not walking fast enough.

Come along! We need to get to the monkeys.

Master and I spotted them straight away. It wasn’t difficult as they were swinging on the branches in the trees. Eventually even Misery spotted them.

They were little baby monkeys. See this one walking along the branches?

Misery walked up to take closer pictures so they threw figs at her. Actually I don’t think they were really throwing figs at her, because they were too busy eating them, but it is a nice thought. But when they move along the branches some of the figs drop and fall down onto the ground.

They wrap their feet around the branches so they can sit there and then pick all the figs within reach. Misery tells me figs are nice.

While Misery was taking a few different pictures, Master and I stood there intently watching the monkeys.

Me and headless master. Concentrating on monkeywatch.

Just me.

Look, can you see the face on this one? He was looking at me I’m sure.

Then I was tired after all that excitement.

Oh and I forgot to say I entered the April Showers May Flowers comp over at GSD Adventures. But I can’t make the button come up.


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