Well, I need to thank Jake and Just Harry, The Barkalot Boyz for this post.

Misery has ‘been meaning’ to write something for ages – although only to say that we are having a blogging break.

I think most pups and their peeps have noticed that, Misery. Two months worth of break so far.

Anyway, after J and JH’s kind thoughts asking after me, I thought it was essential to give you all a quick pupdate.

I am particularly disappointed that I missed Valentine’s Day and didn’t get the chance to send a romantic message to all my darling girlfriends. Actually I probably don’t have any left. They will have forgotten all about me. And I am getting to be an older dog too.

We went to my finca for Valentine’s weekend, so Misery and Master could have a romantic time together messing around doing nothing. There is no internet any more there, so I couldn’t write anything up at the time, and then the blogging decline set in.

We had a fine weekend for V’s Day though. Here I am looking for cats underneath the car of my Chilean and Swedish neighbours. They have lots of cats, and a few dogs too.

See the Pointer next to the blue volvo, and the cats playing scary eyes underneath? Huh. I wasn’t frightened.

Just checking as we go past to make sure no little cat monsters are thinking of stalking us.

You can see it was dusk, so then we all went home and did nothing.

The next day we all went down the beach for a walk. They had talked about going cycling but settled for a walk with ME. Mistress started taking pictures of the local scenery and then her batteries ran out. So did the camera ones. Had she brought new ones with her? What do you think?

So there are no photos of me looking fetching down the beach. When we got home, they decided to go cycling after all. And when they came back we spent most of the day sitting on MY terrace. It was nice.

You can see her scenery pics here.

I don’t know what has happened since then. Nothing really. Master has been decorating their room, which I use too of course, and we have been out for our usual walks.

While I hate to agree with Misery, we haven’t really much to write about right now. So I will be back when I have something mildly interesting to say. Hope you are all well.

Looking thoughtful .. and elegant, I think.

I see Misery is up to her usual tricks and is sneaking in a flowering succulent.

Here I am lying on my new dust sheet, next to master’s bed-on-the-floor. We had banished Misery to the finca last weekend.

And here I am last night wandering around the marina.

Misery took more pictures of boats than she did of me.


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