Snooze update

Whoops. That should say News update. I think I have snoozing on the brain.

I wanted to let pups know that I have stepped down from my role as DWB Snooze – I mean – News Editor.

As Misery Mistress needs to sort out the computer, or rather the compatibility between the computer and the printer, I reluctantly decided that we can’t really commit to updating the news when we don’t have the time for it right now.

It’s not just the News. As well as looking for news stories, we also have to patrol the blogs to make sure that dogblogs are still in existence, that they meet the values and ethics of DWB, and to check for any major changes – such as members who need to be moved to Daisy Chain status.

And I would like to apologise to any pups out there who may have sent news via the email on the News website. Misery trashed all her emails and account info the last time she uninstalled her operating system so we have not been able to check on any potential news stories that might be waiting there. Sorry about that pups.

What else? Some of you have been asking about the movie project. Well, like everything else, it is on the back burner until the hardware/software probs are sorted. Sadly.

When Misery finished her 50,000 word novel – which was NOT about me – some of you suggested she should write a story which involved me. So I am thinking about maybe having another blog to map out the movie stuff, and write a nice long PippaStory.

But not yet. Misery has far too many blogs anyway. And if I let her start another one right now, she will never sort out the computer issues. She will be tap tap tapping away merrily all day instead of getting on with fixing.

So if we aren’t around for a while – we are fixing. And if we are around, that means I haven’t put my paw down firmly enough, and she is still putting off the fixing. I’ll keep you updated on her lack of progress.

Thank you for any comment. Please check back next time you visit, as I like to reply to all barks, woos, and mews

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