Gotcha – or rather GotThem – Day

Well, everypup, today is the Big Day. My GotThem Day. Because after all I found them.

I think lots of you already know how I found Master and Misery Mistress wandering around the hillside and the streets in the Spanish village I was dumped in. They looked so forlorn and only had two oldish dogs, so I knew they needed another pup.

If you haven’t read the links, they are on the sidebar under My Story 1 & 2.

Now Misery usually forgets my GotThem Day, but as we posted about it last week, even she has managed to remember. However I have noticed very little different about it. A few measly helpings of toast, certainly not a Special Day Helping. Nor did she leave the rolls and butter out when she had finished which I thought was extra mean of her.

But as luck would have it, a few days ago, notification came that we had a parcel to collect. As it didn’t have my name on the card, Misery thought it was for her. How silly. Naturally it was for ME. As the parcel place doesn’t open on the weekend and Monday was a Bank Holiday, Misery had to wait until Tuesday to go and collect it.

The customs officer was very impressed with the parcel. She loved the dog pictures on the label, and the Paw it Forward sticker.

See the nice stickers (and my tasties, one slightly the worse for wear)

I checked it out of course, had a good sniff and tried to tear it apart.

Looking underneath

Trying to get hold of the corner

And then I had a little play with the toys. First I played with the tuggy and the ball. I like tennis balls, and have some yellow ones on my terrace but none of them were new. I like to watch them roll down the steps and make Misery go and and fetch them for me. And I have never had a purple one before. Then I got my paws on the tasties and tried to demolish them before Misery took them away from me.

My lovely purple ball

More goodies?

My tasty just before I demolished it

The green tasty

Trying to demolish the green tasty too

Hey! Where have they gone?

Toyless šŸ˜¦

Today I have been allowed to play with my ball and my tuggy thing. I am not very good with toys because street dogs don’t have toys (apart from bits of wood that they find). But I like the purple ball very much, and Misery is helping me learn how to play tugs with the other one. Oooh, and I have just discovered it squeaks. Hehe.

Me and my toy on my sofa

Getting hold of it with my teethies

Toys are hard work – time for a rest

A big bark-out to Addie for such wonderful gifts, especially as they arrived in time for my GotThem Day.

ETA Misery and I have changed my music for my GotThem Day to my favourite song – but clever Princess Eva noticed it before I got chance to say so. How nice to have such a darling clever girlfriend.

Thank you for any comment. Please check back next time you visit, as I like to reply to all barks, woos, and mews

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