Keeping order

I have noticed the appearance of some little trouble-makers around my normal dog-walking route.

As you know, I am nice friendly Pippadog, even though Jacks, Narra, Tuchuck and Rousseau seem to think I was looking at this little pup like lunch.

But the other day we were just setting off and a ferocious Jack Russelly sort of thing came charging round the corner at me and decided to attack. Attack me! Nice friendly Pippa. Well that is, until something decides to attack me. I decided to give it some of its own medicine, but master wasn’t impressed and held me off. He also made sure that my neck was a long way from the little monster so that it couldn’t get hold of my neck.

Then the woman came round the corner, and master suggested it might be a Very Good Idea if she used a lead in future. Instead of letting the dog run riot attacking gentle giants. Quite right master, although I was trying to put him right when you interfered.

And yesterday, master and I were sitting chatting to some of our friends and another woman came up with a dog. It was on a lead. And it looked like some of my friends so I wasn’t worried. Then it jumped up, as though it was going to bite my nose. I reacted very quickly. I lifted up a big Pippapaw and gave it a smart cuff around the head. Ha! Everyone laughed, and the woman told her dog, that was what it deserved for being naughty. Perhaps I am a boxer in disguise.

Now, speaking of boxers or rather boxes, I am embarrassed to say this but on Boxing Day mistress finally tried to do a photoshoot with the aim of getting e-cards to everyone for new year. As you can all see, nothing has come of it so far. This may of course be because master and I were not co-operating. I have passed on the Ao4 lessons to master and he is getting quite good. I am better of course. So here I am, not looking at the camera.

My purposeful walk. No time for silly photos.

Avoiding mistress. What a fine big cannon. And an even bigger boat behind.

Looking down the quay. Master looking down at me. What is mistress’s shadow doing there?

Checking out the peeps walking past. Mistress is still determined to get on the picture with her silly shadow.

A leg shot. Very good mistress. Pure class.

Thank you for any comment. Please check back next time you visit, as I like to reply to all barks, woos, and mews

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