Merry Christmas

Well, everypup, I hope you are having/had/will have a good Christmas.

I had a fine Christmas Eve. Master came home from the supermarket with some provisions and mistress helpfully left them on the bread board.

Naturally when she went out for a few other things I jumped up and found some nice wholemeal rolls.

I took them down carefully and put them on the floor, and then took them out of the plastic bag and started to eat them.

But I realised something was missing, so I jumped back up again and found the butter dish. I carefully took that onto the floor too, without breaking it, and licked it out.

What a treat.

Mistress came back in after about half an hour and thoughtfully took away the plastic bag. So then I decided to lie down and enjoy my last bread roll in comfort. Yum. Yum. After all, it wasn’t much use to them full of Pippa slobber, was it?

Santa helps those who help themselves, say I.

Oh and we went out for a walk this evening, but I didn’t feel like posing.

And no, Mistress has still not sorted her computer or done any holiday cards.

New Year Resolution – Find A New Mistress.

Christmas Day morning. Snooooooooooze.

Best foot forward for my Christmas Day photoshoot.

Where is master?

Oh. Here he is. Have we finished now?


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