No excuses

Mistress has surpassed herself.

I am sure she has entered into a conspiracy with our computers deliberately to prevent my successful blogging.

So – what is the latest disaster to afflict me pups?

Apparently our computer and printer are not talking to each other? Does that affect my blogging? Yes. Because mistress needs to sort it out or there will be no PippaCards this year. Well there won’t be any this year anyway, but there won’t be any for New Year either. At this rate it will be Valentine’s Day or Easter cards from Pippa.

First it is Write 50,000 Words For A Silly Novel Month (Oh she did manage it by the way) – next it is endless computer issues.

I really despair.

Thanks to everyone who has sent cards and email cards again.

Specific thanks to Lola Smiles, Simba, Jazz and Dixie, and Asta for suggesting that New Year cards are a good idea. That was good to hear.

Here is the list of cards I have received. Email ones to come for a later post. (Misery needs to make a list of them, especially as she has to do a reinstall of her OS X – myself I think she has one or more corrupted files, but hey! what do I know about it all).

In no particular order;

Jazz and Dixie – who sent a super message
Comet Blu and Lacey
Charlie (golden) – who wished me toast and a cat for Christmas
Jackson – who has very distinguished cards – of course
Homer, Vanessa and Bill
Lenny and the Latshaws
Ben the Rotti
JB, Misty, PooPoo, and Bear (hehe maybe JB is my cat for Christmas)
Cookie and her crew plus Adelaide too
Collie, Beethoven and Joe
Charlie and Opy
Powder-Puff and Ivy – who sent an amazing card which involved decorating a tree – which of course misery has not yet done
Four Musketeers
Jaffe and Kaylie
Chloe – who lives near me in Spain
Verdi and Gaucho – also in Spain, in Madrid
Mona and the Mommy too
Faya – the first card I received
and last but definitely not least – Randi – who addressed my card to Dear Darling Pippa, and for good measure wrote what a handsome Pippadog I am on the envelope. How thoughtful to remind everyone of that.

I bet all the post delivery people in Gibraltar know who I am now. Hehe

It is lovely to get cards from pups I have met, but it is also really nice to get ones from pups I don’t know, so when misery is sorted I need to get out and sniff around a bit I think.

That is the end of my moan and my thanks, so here are some pix from my hol at my finca.

Here I am in my Land Rover having a fine snooze with my leg comfortably positioned hanging off my Landy sofa. I don’t know why mistress chose to take a photo of it.

So I changed round and let my back leg hang off, so then she took another photo.

In the end I got sick of her taking photos of my legs hanging down so I put my paws straight out and my head between them ignoring her.

Here is my new fridge that I am guarding so that mistress can’t secretly sneak in there and take food out without me noticing.

Master and I working on our bikes on the terrace.

And at my favourite gate.


Thank you for any comment. Please check back next time you visit, as I like to reply to all barks, woos, and mews

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