Snoses, and movies, and toast

Well mistress was not banished for long of course.

But when she came back she managed to pick up some nasty bug (no not fleas or ticks, those are my nasty bugs), and has been feeling sorry for herself yet again and lying in bed.

Or rather on the floor, as she doesn’t have a bed and I am certainly not sharing my sofa with her.

Enough is enough however, so I ordered a post. Now!

When she came back I did the present trail routine for her. I know she likes this because she always says “Good dog Pippa.”

She follows the rubbish that I have carefully distributed and then she sees me waiting patiently for her on my sofa.

And later we took her out for a walk. I was in the lead as usual. Note, although I may be on the lead, I am in the lead.

Next up, I want to ask if you have all seen Bolo’s nose competition running throughout November.

I am not a particularly competitive dog but I like my snose, I think it is rather pretty.

And because I am not a kissy or licky dog, (especially of mistress), I use my snose to do the odd few affectionate gestures. Snoses in fact.

Well, what I really mean by that is that I wander up to Misery or master and wait for them to rub my snose, and stroke it and things like that.

If I am feeling very kind, I will stick my snose in their faces. If it is master I will wait for him to say “OK Pippa, I am getting up now, what a good dog you are.”

When I do it to Misery I just turn around and run away. Don’t want her to think I am fond of her or anything.

My snose went pink for a while. You can see it up there on the big picture. Oh and Jazz and Dixie asked what the hanging things are. They are to keep out the flies and mosquitoes at my finca in Spain. However I thought it was more important that I kept an eye on mistress in the kitchen, so I stuck my head through them anyway.

I don’t think my snose is pink at the moment. Misery has taken a picture. She will need to take some more for the competition of course, because if we put this one in you would all be able to guess it was me wouldn’t you?

Look how carefully I have aligned my profile against the tile. How artistic of me.

I promised an update on my film project, but of course Misery has not taken a photo of a cruise ship to go with it. Misery also needs to do a bit of work and summarise where we had got to, especially as I have made some new friends who don’t know what it is about.

Well obviously it is about me. On a cruise ship. And my darling girlfriends. JB wants to know if she is still Official Ship’s Cat. Yes, of course you are. I haven’t changed anything since the last time so the role is still there for you.

So next post we need to write about our cast list, and our potential plots, and sub-plots, and sub-sub-plots. Anything more than that will be too complicated for me as I will need a nap.

Perhaps we might run Snose competitions on my cruise ship? There is an idea. And we could have ‘Who can eat the most toast/crumpets/pizza?’ competitions couldn’t we? Yes, I think competitions need to be an integral part of the movie.

Anyway more next time on the movie. (NB Mistress, More next time on the movie – go do some work).

Oh and speaking of toast, I have discovered a new way to eat it. Mistress is spreading it with something called yeast extract. This smells delicious so therefore it tastes delicious. It is brown and slightly sticky and I like it very much.

Apparently Australians have Vegemite, British have Marmite (and Bovril), and we haven’t a clue what Americans have. We don’t know if you eat yeast extract on toast. Must go and get my share.

Snosing for yeast extract

Lying in wait

On my sofa ready to pounce on that tasty toast

Thank you for any comment. Please check back next time you visit, as I like to reply to all barks, woos, and mews

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