The other day, master and I went out for our early morning walk as usual. Master put my lead on and we skipped down the stairs and out of the block.

But as we walked out of the door, I noticed my lead was not on my collar properly. So off I shot, as fast as I could. Up the street I ran on cat safari.

“Pippa,” called master quietly, “Pippa.” But I ignored him.

Sadly there weren’t any cats under the cars which would have been even more fun, as we could have played a fine game of chase.

So at the top of the street I shot into the catyard, I mean courtyard where the cats like to hang out. Round and round I prowled but could I find a single cat? No. Nor could I find a way out. And there was master standing in the archway waiting for me, so I slunk miserably back to be leaded up.

Meanwhile, Misery Mistress, had heard master calling for me so she had got up quickly (which she never does) and pulled on some clothes and run out to help master look for me. But she didn’t find either of us, so she had a nice walk by herself round the block at 6am.

When she got back to the flat, we still hadn’t returned, so she came back out to look for us again. Master and I were sauntering back down Main Street. How we laughed when we realised she had got up, and had been wandering around looking for us.

Anyway top tip to pups: always check to see if they have put the lead on properly so you don’t miss the opportunity to escape.

Mistress wants to add a top tip for humans about checking the lead is on correctly but I don’t think we will bother with that one.

It was breakfast time on our return, so after scoffing my biscuits I decided to supervise master making the toast.

And moved in for a closer supervision.

He dropped some butter on the floor. “Leave, Pippa.” Er, no master. I don’t think so at all. So I helpfully licked it up. After all, misery never gets round to washing the floors so I was doing everyone a favour.

I kept moving round master’s chair, as he didn’t seem to notice me.

Then I sat down looking so good and innocent and irresistible.

Master refused to give me any toast though. So I jumped on my sofa and sulked at everyone for the rest of the morning.


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