Biting feet

I have been a quiet Pippadog.

I had a poorly tum for part of last week. Master thinks I picked something up sneakily when we went for a walk in the dark but I’m not telling.

Anyways, I have been pizzaless and toastless as a result so I thought I would eat my feet instead to see if there were any yummies stuck to them.

Misery mistress was very surprised to see my teethies as normally they are never displayed like this, she only sees them when I am smiling.

One day Misery, if you get on the wrong side of me, you may be toast, so to speak, and I will eat you with my pointed teethies.

And here I am licking my feet.

And doing doga.

Anyway after she had taken my pictures she went out for a walk. But she had been so busy taking photos of my sharp tussies that it was dark when she was coming back.

So here is the one and only photo she took on her walk. Looking down onto Gibraltar and out into the Bahia de Algeciras.

And here am I going to sleep. Much prettier than her silly photos.


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