Some photos

Here I am looking after master’s shoelace and his boot

Because misery has been so slow and useless at updating my blog I thought I would post up some piccies that I meant to post ages ago.

Here is the bird who sits on the streetlight over the road. He is a seagull, and he only has one foot.

The woman who lives in the house opposite to us (next to the one with the shutters) puts out fish for the seagulls.

Footless comes to stand on top of the lamp and squawks, demanding his food.

Then he twirls round in a circle waiting for his food to arrive.

And flies down.

Looking for his food.

And wondering where it is.

Sometimes the cats eat the fish. The woman opposite also puts out food for the feral cats. But we have seen Marmalade (real name Harvey) who is not feral, polishing off this food too. Greedy Marmalade. I am not sure if anybird or anycat gets to eat the food that is put out for them, but it is nice of her to do it.

Especially as it means there are always lots of cats in my street prowling for food.

Misery went for a walk the other day – without me – and took this interesting picture of an overgrown cemetery with two sunbathing cats. Well, I thought it was interesting because I would like to have gone with her and chased the cats off the tombstones.

She also met some birds, and being somewhat strange, chatted away to the parrot. Here is the parrot listening to misery.

And here is a caged bird, which we don’t like to see, but we don’t know why it was caged so maybe there was a good reason.

And mistress wants me to add thank you very much to everypup who wished them happy wedding anniversary. They had a very nice weekend doing nothing, but mistress never does anything anyway so I couldn’t tell the difference.


Thank you for any comment. Please check back next time you visit, as I like to reply to all barks, woos, and mews

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