The rubbish bin

Most mornings when master goes out to work he takes the rubbish downstairs with him and dumps it in the bin outside.

If he doesn’t, naturally I think it is important to check it out to see if there is anything yummy in there.

They used to use an open topped bin, and it was under the sink so it was difficult to get at and I had to pull it over.

Now mistress uses a flip top one and it is much easier to open and take out what I want. And what I don’t want too.

My best find is the paper that the butter is wrapped in. When master puts the last of the butter in the dish he throws the paper in the bin, and if I am lucky I can take it out, lick it very clean, and then tear the paper into tiny pieces.

Next best are the plastic cartons that the vegetarian sausages or rashers or slices came in. There is not really anything to lick but they smell nice so I like to lick them anyway just to see if there are any nice flavours left.

The trouble is that if mistress is still in the bedroom when I do it, she usually hears me and calls out “Pippa. Stop.” And being good I do stop.

But the other day master forgot to take it down to the outside bin. Mistress was going out later, and thought ‘I must take the rubbish out so Pippa doesn’t raid it.’ And she forgot. Haha!

As you can see it wasn’t much of a haul though. I wasn’t too impressed with master’s smelly old insoles, and the boxes for the new ones didn’t smell remotely interesting.

And much as I like peas, I don’t like to eat the nasty hard pods.

Still, it is always worth a look, and a good laugh to get mistress to clear it up when she comes in.

Here I am laughing at mistress.


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