Furry dogs

Mistress is getting in my face.

It is quite beyond me why mistress seems to think it is a good idea to take pictures of me when I am sleeping.

If I am asleep that means I do not wish to be disturbed.

It is hard work being a furry dog in summer, as many of you pups know.

I do not want a camera in my face, flashing nastily, or mistress prowling around the place looking for a good angle.

And another thing. It is my right to scratch and remove my own fur for it to flutter round the flat.

It is then mistress’s job to clean it up. I do not wish her to pre-empt my fur removal with the Nasty Brush.

Here is some of my fur. This is from our sitting room. I normally manage to scratch at least three loads a day similar to this.

What is that sock doing there? Oh, mistress found it under the chair when she moved it to retrieve more of my nice soft fur.

Just as well she has to sweep up my fur or she probably wouldn’t have found the sock for months.

I leave a similar amount of fur in our bedroom too. I say ours, because they sleep in it at night. During the day, mistress moves the thermarests and I flop on the floor in there. Mistress leaves the curtains closed for me so it is nice and cool and I claim it as my daytime bedroom.

Some time ago I added some info to my sidebar about husky/GSD crosses.

But I forgot to mention it. So if you are interested in huskies (of all types), or GSDs, or just big furry doggies, there are some really interesting photos on there.

Here is the link as well. I have just made mistress have a looky and there are even more nice pix added since the last time, and yet another one who looks just like me. I am so excited to think that there are other dogs out there like me. It is good not to be alone. Oh and if any pup does look at the site, silly mistress added my photo twice. hahahaha.


Thank you for any comment. Please check back next time you visit, as I like to reply to all barks, woos, and mews

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