No not another Crump-Pet. A real live one. Elfreda Beetle.

You all know what a silly wimp mistress is with a few dead – or live – cockroaches in the bathroom at my finca in Spain?

Well, the other day, she went into the bathroom here in my Gibflat, and spotted one on the floor, on his back and waving one of his antenna at her.

She ran out as usual and when master came home she asked him to “Do Something” with it.

But master told her not to be stupid (as if) and that it was a beetle not a cockroach.

Master turned the beetle over so that she could run around and play.

A bit later on, Elfreda Beetle came into the kitchen to explore. I went over to have a look at her. She wasn’t very interesting. She didn’t smell interesting and she didn’t seem worth eating so I left her alone.

She played climbing up the mop.

And fell on her back again which I thought was rather silly of her.

Then mistress went back to my finca in Spain for the weekend. When she came back master had to give her the sad news that Elfreda Beetle had fallen on her back once too often and was no more.

Before anypup asks, apparently mistress called her Elfreda Beetle because of some film/book with an Elfreda Beetle in, although mistress has forgotten which one it was.

So I didn’t have a Beetle-Pet for very long at all. Onto some cheerful news after that short sad story. Some fine friends have given me another nice award.

Charlie and Eva gave me this one.

That is very kind of them, thank you to both Charlie and to beautiful Eva.

And a while ago, Rocky at The Hudson Furkids asked which blogs pups and their people visited when they wanted to laugh and feel less stressful. I was one of the ones Rocky and his family visit to cheer themselves up. I don’t mean to be funny but if I make pups and people laugh then that is a good result. Thank you for saying that Rocky, and I am sorry it has taken me (ie mistress) a long time to mention it. I hope my Beetle-Pet story wasn’t too sad.

Right, Misery and I are off to eat some grapefruit now and then a snooze will be in order.


Thank you for any comment. Please check back next time you visit, as I like to reply to all barks, woos, and mews

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