A reprieve

Well, I suppose it has only taken Misery a week to put up a post and not three weeks, so I should be grateful for small improvements.

Now I would like to thank Rocky, Bear and Angel Lacy for giving me an award. Lots of other doggies had got it and I felt I was missing out, so I was feeling sorry for myself.

But now I have it. Thank you for my Arte-y-Pico award. Happy creative Pippa. In my dreams anyway.

Except I am not feeling very creative at the moment. It is warm here. Well, it is only about 30C but it feels warm to me so I am lying around on my cool floor. And mistress puts on my ceiling fan and opens the window wide for me.

It is warmer at my finca in Spain, it is about 35C there, but I can lie outside on my terrace there and it is nice and shady. But I am not there, I am in my Gibflat and we have no outside space. So I have to make do with my fan and my cool floor.

Now. An update on my miserable restricted diet. Mistress came back from a wander down the high street yesterday with a cross auntie for us to share. I think she thought she was going to eat it all herself but I soon put her right. I like cross aunties. I have written about them before. I think they are almost on a par with Toast.

And she was feeling very greedy and fat so she bought something else. They are called Crum-Pets. But I don’t think they are pets like dogs are. And there weren’t any crumbs either.

She had to put two in the toaster as it will only take two items as a minimum. Naturally, we always need at least two items. One for them and one for me. Or two for me. When they were done she put some yummy butter on them and managed to drop half a Crum-Pet on the floor. hehehehe.

Then she decided she was feeling very full after her cross auntie and so I ended up with most of the second one as well.

Master had one today too. I howled at him so he knew that I expected My Share. Mistress said “Pippa likes Crum-Pets. You need to give him some.” Kind mistress (for once).

So things are improving on the tasties score. Perhaps there may even be Pizza for Pippa on the horizon.


Thank you for any comment. Please check back next time you visit, as I like to reply to all barks, woos, and mews

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