Pippa goes out to dinner

Last night mistress was going to cook pasta and tomato sauce.

I like that, I get all the leftover sauce and some pasta too for my breakfast. But master pulled a face.

I’m not sure whether he didn’t want pasta and tomato sauce or whether he didn’t want to wait for Misery to faff around and cook it. Sometimes she takes a long time to make sauces.

So master proposed we went to the Indian restaurant at the marina.

Of course one of the most important reasons for going there – apart from providing me with breakfast for the morning after – is that I can lie outside at the table with them. And eat poppadoms.

Off master and I went leaving Misery to jump in the shower and wash her greasy hair and catch us up.

And we had a very nice time. There were a few dogs walked past and I had a good sniff.

I can smell a dog.

Do I know that dog?

But mostly I lay down.

Chilled Pippa.

Hiding from Misery under master’s chair.

You can’t see me.

Here I am.

But I think next time they need to order more food so there is an adequate supply of leftovers for my breakfast. They ate most of the food yesterday. And I think mistress’s title is a bit inaccurate. They went out to dinner. I accompanied them and got a few bits of poppadom. Hardly Pippa goes out to dinner in my opinion.


For poppadoms.

Thank you to everyone who left messages of sympathy for Vicky about my pal Harry. I know she appreciates it.

And I was preparing a mega update to the film project – JB was asking about it – but I wanted to write about my evening out before I forgot.

Thank you for any comment. Please check back next time you visit, as I like to reply to all barks, woos, and mews

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