Beds and boats

Mistress says she has been busy.

I don’t know what that means except she has not done Pippadogblog.

Master and mistress have swapped sides of the bed ie the floor that they sleep on because mistress still hasn’t bothered to buy a bed.

Hardworking-master found it hard to walk over mistress in the morning to get to the door.

Myself, I didn’t find it a problem. Hey, if mistress is in the way I just walk on her legs, or whack her on the chest, or just do a few bows to master generally on top of her.

But master decided he wanted to move sides.

So now, I am very careful because naturally I don’t want to walk on master. I tippy toe round the side to do my good morning bow down greetings.

Mistress of course has lost the picture to go with this. Perhaps it is on my other computer. But she has found some others that she had forgotten about.

So first here is a picture of my friend who went to the Rainbow Bridge a few weeks ago. He was a GSD and he lived with Penny and Ian. Master told Penny and Ian that we would put a piccy up to remember him.

You can see what a friendly dog he was and he was quite old too, I think he was 15.

When Penny and Ian went away for a little holiday, he became poorly, so they cancelled their holiday and went straight back home to look after him, but it must have been time for him to go to the bridge.

Pooh. Sad Pippadog.

Mistress also found a couple of cruise ships.

Here is one.

And here is another.

I think I would like some close-ups please mistress to decide whether or not they would be suitable for my film project.

I have also had lots of ace suggestions from you all so I will put those up next time, so that everypup can see how things are developing.

While on the subjects of ships and boats, master and I went for a nice long walk down to the marina without Misery.

Master got himself a beer and we sat outside in the sunshine for ages. Lots of people came to talk to me. All the people I had met before remembered my name and walked over to speak to me.

“Look, there’s Pippa,” said one group and dashed across. Master couldn’t for the life of him remember seeing them before. Silly master. Of course we had seen them before because they knew me.

It just goes to show how important us dogs are when people remember our names and want to speak to us.

Here is a shot of the marina. You can’t see me on this but it is a nice picture so I will allow mistress to put it up and it shows where we sit on the opposite side where the buildings are.

And here I am sniffing the flower beds and looking.

Making sure Misery isn’t sneaking up.


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