Pippa goes cruising….? and picnicking

Without further ado I will post the current state of the film project.

Although I was going to use PippaLoveBoat as my working title I really can’t call it that. Even in jest. So it has morphed into Pippa Goes Cruising. Oh dear. Perhaps that is not very good either.

Suggestions for a working title would be helpful.


Sofa King and Toast Hero – Pippa
Heroines 1 & 2 – Sophie and Ethel
Love rival – BenTheRotti
Goofy golden retriever sidekick – Charlie
After-dinner crooner Boxer – Chef

Official Ship’s C.A.T. – JB
(the only one we don’t chase – although we could perhaps have one tiny little chase scene?)

Side plots
1) the entertainment crew led by Chef
2) detour to Melbourne involving mystery and intrigue – Bella
3) trip to UK for Simba’s walk-on part


Producer/director – Pippa (for now)
Pippa’s agent and PR director – Randi
Ethel’s agent – Wally
Tester of the all-you-can-eat buffet – Wally
Sophie’s agent – Sophie, I mean Sophie’s agent

Screenplay – Me, Pippa, oh and well, Misery

Now I need to be clear about a couple of things. In no particular order.

Randi wants me to accompany her to all official premieres. I think that is an admirable wish, but given that we haven’t got too far with this project, I don’t think that is a major worry for now. And I thought film stars were meant to go with their leading ladies. So perhaps you need to be in the film too Randi?

And as I have four paws, I could go to the premiere with at least four girlfriends. Because I don’t want Bandana Ben stealing all the glory. Now that is the other thing I need to be clear about. Love rival means exactly that. You do not end up with my girlfriends. Unlikely, I would have thought, seeing as you have taken to wearing bandanas, but there is no accounting for taste.

Now my initial ideas for the plot are that the girlfriends fly out to Gibraltar to join a cruise ship which will take us all across the Atlantic. It has to be said that going to the UK for Simba is a bit of a detour, and going to Melbourne for mystery and intrigue with Bella is even more out of the route.

I reckon we could just about go to the UK and perhaps Simba could get Fat Fat Daddy to pilot him out to the cruise ship for an overnight stay? And maybe that is when Bandana Ben joins the ship? Meanwhile, I have already met Sophie and Ethel and then this Rotti upstart upsets my relationships.

During the cruise there is obviously much chasing of cats, ESPECIALLY ginger ones. Sophie and I are determined to catch as many ginger cats as possible. Ethel is often to be seen playing with tennis balls. Sophie also picks up the odd tennis ball too.

I haven’t thought about what Charlie is going to do yet, but I like the idea of having a goofy side-kick. It means I don’t have to be on screen all the time (and neither does Ben). Chef has got lots of ideas about:

“the role of the after-dinner crooner’s Boxer who has to compete with the piano player’s Collie mix for the love of the magician’s pretty poodle assistant who recently left the tap dancer’s Lab and took all his chewies. I have just the poodle for you. Cute girl named Tiffany (apricot, long curly hair)…..”

so I don’t have to worry about that plot.

When we get to America, I need to work out how to get down the Great Lakes because Tasha and Eva have offered to meet me in Duluth and then go back to their house for treats and toast.

So although we could have a detour to Aus, I could also consider the Aus plot for a sequel and we could go via Singapore and Malaysia to visit all our friends there.

Any views on that one?

Now. I sent mistress out to get a picture of a potential cruise ship seeing as we have plenty of them here in Gib.

What does she take?

Does this look like a cruise ship?

No, mistress. This is a British Royal Naval frigate. Type 23 for anyone who is interested in that sort of detail. I don’t think it is appropriate for my film. We would have to wear uniforms and obey orders and things. My girlfriends and I like to go au naturale. Wait. I could be Commander Pippa. “Pippa goes to see” I mean “to sea”. I will think about that one.

That is enough about the film project. Any ideas and comments will be very welcome.

Here are a few piccies of me at my favourite petrol station picnic stop this weekend. We had tortilla sandwiches and chips. Yum!


Thank you for any comment. Please check back next time you visit, as I like to reply to all barks, woos, and mews

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