A good time

Master and I had such a good time the other day.

Misery had gone back to the finca to pay bills and things like that so master took the day off work to be with me. (Mistress also discovered on her trip that we have baby chickens, but as this is not a chicken blog – the pictures are on hers clicky here.)

Anyway, master went downstairs with the rubbish. When they take the rubbish out I know they will come back soon, but he didn’t come back straightaway.

So although he had taken the rubbish down, it was from the night before and I found some new rubbish in the bin. As mistress had been so pleased with her present trail, I thought I would make one for master.

As luck would have it, my dog biscuit sack had gone in there, so I carefully pulled it out, and then happily sat chewing it into tiny pieces to make the trail. Normally I am not too fond of paper, but when it has been wrapping up tasty things then it is ok. Butter wrappers are exceptionally yummy.

When I had finished, I jumped on my sofa to admire my work. And I was still thinking what a clever Pippa I was when master walked in.

“Hello Pippa. Oh good dog,” he said, exactly like mistress had done when I left her the trail. Then he came over and patted and stroked me and told me how wonderful I was. This present trail is clearly the way to go.

Then just like mistress again, he picked up all the bits and put them back in the bin, and said how silly he was for not tying it up or moving it out of my way.

Later on I decided we should go for a walk and visit some of my friends. First we went to the marina to look at the boats. Master had a beer and the woman who runs the bar came out to stroke me and love me. I smiled nicely at her but to be honest I had my mind on more important projects – while I looked at the boats I considered plans for PippaLoveBoat (working title). I will post more on that next time but thank you all for your submissions so far.

Then we went to another pub but that was not very exciting. Master and I sat outside in the sun and I looked for the resident cat(s) but I couldn’t find them. I was disappointed about this so yesterday when master came in, I thought we should go back to the pub and look for them again. After all, master is working inside at the moment so he needs to spend some time outside in the sunshine and fresh air.

Just as Misery walked past on her way to the shops (and not expecting to see us there), I spotted the cat. I tried to pull master and the table over but he was having none of it. I ignored Misery – after all, I can see her any time but when cats appear I have to make the most of them.

When Misery came back from the shops we were still there. Master had found some nice people to talk to who had a German Shepherd (not with them) so they were interested in ME. They said I looked quite similar to their dog – who was also an ace cat hunter.

Just as we set off, I noticed the cat AGAIN. Perhaps it was just co-incidence it appeared every time mistress appeared. Then she got in my way and we both nearly tumbled over when our legs got tangled up together. Silly mistress trying to prevent my cat hunt antics.

I’m off to dream about my cat-hunting paradise.


Thank you for any comment. Please check back next time you visit, as I like to reply to all barks, woos, and mews

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