Pippa – star of the silent screen

Three posts back when mistress put a couple of my photos up in black and white I was not pleased. I even missed the fact that she had snuck up a flower.

I am a colourful dog and I live in Andalucía which is warm and sunny and full of life and colour.

But then I got to thinking about it. I looked at the photos a few times and started to think perhaps I would quite like to be a black and white star in silent films. I don’t bark much anyway.

Lots of pups have said my eyes look as though they have kohl round them (or should that be coal?) so I thought I could make a romantic hero with soulful, expressive eyes. One look from me and all the girl pups will be swooning.

Sort of Pippa Valentino. A Mediterranean lover. But then I made mistress do a search on Tinties, and I decided I did not want to be Pippa Valentino. Rudolph Valentino might have been a bit of a silent screen heart-throb but he didn’t seem to have too good a life. And he didn’t have as many girlfriends as me either.

One site said:

“….the darkly handsome Valentino gazed at his heroines with a mixture of passion and melancholy that sent chills down female (and some male) spines.”

Passion and melancholy – that sounds good.

“….but most male moviegoers found his acting ludicrous, his manner foppish, and his screen character effeminate.”

No that is not me. I wasn’t planning on acting. I thought I could just – be there.

So I think I will settle for just being Pippadog – Star of the Silent Screen.

I think if the silent piccies come back I could be on a winner here.

We have done a photoshoot, some on my casting couch of course, for my new portfolio.

All we have to do is get someone to snap me up.

Perhaps I need an agent. I can’t imagine mistress will be very good at it. She doesn’t even go to the cinema.

We even did a few photos of me outside and smiling in case I need to look versatile.

<a href="http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_e9sYqR4nwdg/R-Ta-kscxhI/AAAAAAAAAEA/3NXr

But I like the serious ones best. I think it suits me. Mean, moody, and melancholy. (ETA: I forgot to add mysterious)

Serious offers only please.


One comment on “Pippa – star of the silent screen

  1. Definitely star material! Woo Woo!

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