“Come along master,” I barked.

“I think it is time we went to my Gibflat. Those Gibcats will be running riot without me to control them.”

Master agreed so we loaded up my Landy. Misery was allowed to come too although I don’t know why. Oh, I remember, she wanted to go to a boring lecture on neanderthals and modern humans. Dear me.

I sat in the back looking out to see what was going on. Then I bounded into the middle to lie on my Landy sofa.

I snoozed away merrily and then we stopped. We always slow down and have to stop at San Pedro de Al-CAT-ara because there are lots of traffic lights. I always get up and have a nice smell for cats naturally. Mistress seems to think it is called San Pedro de Alcantara but I know better.

When we got to the frontier I smiled at everyone because they are always interested in me. Dogs are so much more interesting than people. But no person wanted to see my passport. I was a bit disappointed, but master said it is because they are all used to me now and know that I am PippaGibDog and that I have my own GibKennelFlat which I share with master and Misery.

I had a little sniffy as we drove across the airfield. I was sure I could smell that pesky Harvey (aka Marmalade of the Green Collar) as we drove towards town. Master and mistress had a detour to the shops. Yawn. Then we went to my flat.

But there was something wrong when we walked in. I didn’t recognise my sofa. It didn’t smell the same. No, it was not my sofa. There was no Pippafur on it, and there was a clean throw on it. Master was quietly fainting on the floor. Mistress had vacuumed the sofa and washed my throws. How is a dog supposed to recognise his sofa if it is clean and doesn’t smell Pippa-ish? So I lay on the floor. And then I went under my table.

Under my table, although even this smells of polish

Master and I had a nice evening together while Misery went off to her lecture. Apparently there was one interesting question in it about domesticated animals. It seems that domesticated wolves were the first animals that started to join the human pack. Of course. Are we stupid? Nice warm fires, and comfy places to sleep in return for chasing a few cats or other things. Perhaps it wasn’t such a silly lecture after all.

I haven’t seen Marmalade yet though. I did spot the nice black and white one lying next to a motor bike today but master had already seen him. Now I love master very much but sometimes I think he is nearly as miserable as Misery. So he dragged me into the flat while I was trying to go in the other direction. But in the evening we met lots of people we knew and they all stroked me because they know I am nice and friendly so that was good. One of master’s previous work colleagues beamed at us and said his son had been asking where I was. I thought that was very nice so I gave him a special PippaSmile and all the family patted me.

Come along master

Striding out purposefully

Mistress thought she would have a snooze on my sofa and she put her nice sleepingbag on there. When she got up I thought it looked rather inviting so I bounded up. But master called me down and moved it off. I tell you, he is getting bad. I can just about control Misery but trying to organise two of them will be a bit tiring for poor old Pippadog.

Apart from that I am having a nice time chilling out here in Gib. A change is always as good as a rest although master seems to be looking for work which doesn’t sound like a rest to me.

Now I want to mention The Forget Sit and Stay Gang who cleverly pointed out that Misery had snuck a flower onto my last post. I did not notice that. I did not notice it when mistress took the photo because I was doing my sleeping dog impersonation at the gate where I pretend to be snoozing but am really very alert and on guard. And when I checked my post for publication I was too busy wondering why I had turned into Pippa the Monochrome Dog to notice the flower. So thank you for bringing it to my attention. Barks will be had with Misery.

And darling Randi dedicated some lovely flowers and herself, I mean her lovely self and some flowers to me on her Randay post. Thank you Randi. I appreciate that very much although naturally you are far more beautiful than the flowers.

Sometimes, a dog can’t be bothered to argue about a few flowers on his blog…..


Thank you for any comment. Please check back next time you visit, as I like to reply to all barks, woos, and mews

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