Pippa’s newsround

Mistress has been idle this weekend. What’s new you ask?

Well, at least she usually cooks lunch. She didn’t even do that yesterday. Poor master had to do it. And he roasted the pimientos for tea.

Sum total of mistress’s achievements yesterday? Making the dressing, and putting a bit of salad on a plate. Said she was tired. Too busy doing nothing if you ask me.

Efforts this morning: looking at the internet to read about the Spanish election. No mistress this is not a political blog. I may be Spanish, I may have my passport, but as I can’t vote, it is of no relevance to me. I can’t influence it one way or the other – and neither can you ‘cos you can’t vote either – so take the silly politics off to your blog. Who cares who won? Let’s talk about important things like TOAST.

Anyway we all had toast together today, and some left over shepherd’s pie that master made yesterday. It was nice. I got most of the pie for my breakfast and then they got the leftovers for theirs and we all ate their toast.

Mistress likes her toast with olive oil. Master flits between butter one day, and olive oil, usually with garlic the next. I don’t care so long as I get plenty.

I shared mistress’s portion kindly with her, and totally missed out on master’s. So he had to do some more for us both to eat. Yum.

Waiting for master to finish sharing my toast

Standing up – poised to leap

And in the air for the snatch and grab, I mean taking nicely

All finished. Pooh

But why am I in black and white? Are we going arty? Or was the light so bad that mistress had to put me in black and white? Hahaha.

I have a couple of news items. I forgot to say minx Sophie La Flirtador proposed to me for Leap Year. And promptly said she wasn’t going to be remotely faithful and she didn’t think I would be either. Huh. What sort of a proposal is that – not a serious one – fortunately. Phew. Narrow escape there even though Sophs is very beautiful. Thank you Sophs for your kind thoughts but I think we both know we have the ideal arrangement for now.

Another lovely girlfriend Ammy asked if I went to the table, scrunched my nose against it, and made a piggy-snout face? Er no, Ammy. I don’t know what a piggy-snout face is but I don’t do one I’m sure. Although I do hide under the table and just stick my nose out when toast and other goodies are going on there.

Anyway I never did get any of the mushroom omelette even though I sat soooo nicely at the table, and on the floor too.

And another piece of news that one of my husky pals alerted me to. It’s a doggie who doesn’t seem to be on Dogs With Blogs, so I haven’t posted it on DWB News. But over at Magic and Georgie’s adventures they have had a couple of hospital issues this past week. I know lots of you are friendly and open-minded about who you visit so if you get chance to give them some supportive barks, I am sure they would like that.

I thought it was odd that lots of you had a windy day when I did last week. A windy day all over the dog world. It is not just windy here today, it is not even a sunny day, so master called me in from my gate and I have been a sofa dog.

Me and master

Just me – and master’s arm of course


Thank you for any comment. Please check back next time you visit, as I like to reply to all barks, woos, and mews

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