A windy day

Pooh. It is very windy today. Misery Master won’t let me go out onto my terrace.

It is sunny, and if I lie down by my gate, the wind will blow over the top of my head.

Do I care if dust blows in the house? No. (Mistress might even clean it). Or that it is cold? No. They should put more fur on. And while I’m on the subject, Scruffy Mistress needs to wash my throw on my sofa. Of course I want to go outside because I don’t want to lie on a dirty throw. Perhaps I need to have a quick vomit – that soon makes her wash it. Hehe. I am feeling naughty today.

I got master up at 4.45am. That was fun. I thought the wind was nasty and it was disturbing my sleep so I thought I would disturb master too. Then I refused to let him play on the computer because I was frightened of the noise, so I made him sit on my sofa with me. (The one with the dirty covers).

Anyway, he has obviously learned, because he has just changed them for me. It’s important to train your humans well you know, because they are not very bright. You need patience, and persistence. Sometimes things sink in.

Well, that is today’s moan out of the way. I can’t think of anything else. Oh yes I can. My wonderful treats from Darlings Tasha and Eva are not appearing often enough. Misery gave me two this morning. I mean, I ask you. There is a whole bag there of second yummy treats just waiting to be opened and the Two Meanies are just rationing my treats.

Now, Lovely Lacy Lulu has given me an award. Thank you very much Lacy for giving me the Funky Blog award. She says I always make her laugh. And she called me Pippalovedog too. I don’t know that I mean to make anypup laugh, and I don’t know what to think of Pippalovedog! But thanks Lacy, that has cheered me up on this windy day.

Here is my award.

And here, master and I are together on my sofa.

Tickly ears

Tickly nose

Tickly ears again

And.. even more tickly ears

Why have you stopped?

Tired, me. Being tickled is hard work


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