Dia de Andalucia (and Leap Year)

Misery tells me I need to put up a post today because I won’t have the chance for another four years.

So what. I can put one up tomorrow. No, it seems I need to put up a Leap Year post.

What is Leap Year? Means nothing to me. But mistress tells me that my girlfriends can propose to me today. Er…..I don’t think that sounds like a good idea.

Pippadog is not the marrying type. Imagine. If one of my beautiful girlfriends asked me to marry her I would have to say yes and upset all the others, or say no and upset her.

And we all know how upset I have been by those flirtatious young huskies who just want one boyfriend and cold-heartedly ditch those of us who are generous with our Pippalove.

Anyway I’m bored with Leap Year already. How about Día de Andalucía which was yesterday (28 Feb). Every autonomous community in Spain has a special day in the year and naturally it is a holiday.

So I decided to enjoy Día de Andalucía in my favourite fashion.

I lay on my terrace. I sniffed my flowers. I supervised the cooking of the mushroom omelette (courtesy of Jimena and Negrita who are laying scrummy eggs again). I looked for my place at the table. I couldn’t find it so I lay down. Then I was tired after all that.

My other side – which is better?

What’s down here?

Sniff, sniff

What do you want?

What did I hear?

I am in charge of the cooking, mistress

Where is my place?

Here, I think it is here

Maybe I’ll just wait here for my omelette

Tired after all that work

Hasta la proxima