What to do?

Master and I are deciding whether or not to go and visit mistress.

I have mixed views about it myself, although it means we will have a nice drive in my Landy.

And it has been raining here too, so I have been refusing to go out and do what dogs do. As I have said before, this dog does NOT do it in the rain.

Master tells me he has spotted a rally for Landy owners and other such people. He thinks it will be fun. Between you and me, I think he is a bit jealous that mistress had a fine time running around in silly tunnels in the middle of the Rock of Gibraltar. Anyway this rally/excursion thingy is near mistress, so we are currently considering this proposal.

Oh, and if anyone really wants to see pictures of boring old tunnels and silly stuff like that click *here* to read about mistress spending a whole morning wandering around gloomy doomy tunnels and looking at explosive stores and stuffs.

You see, I have been very firm. Hana helpfully commented that history photos are a no-no. Thank you Hana. And in fact, no flowers either today.

But I do have a lovely award from my adorable dachsie girlfriend Roxie, and her brothers Sammy and Andy. Look, a Smiley award. I was very pleased because they recognised what problems I have with Misery, and I was little bit Pippa-embarrassed because they said I wrote clever stories that made them smile. Hehe. That made me laugh because I am not clever at all. Anyway, thank you Roxie and the bros.

I do want to mention a couple of other comments that pups left on my last post.

Kathryn and Ari said it was important to herd humans – as we all know – otherwise they sit down at the computer one more time. Huh! A voice of experience there I think Ari. And why do you all think mistress is ALWAYS late when she is meant to meet Master and I on our walks?

Now, regarding my jasmine terrace. There is lots of it – jasmine not terrace I mean – so there is plenty for every single girlfriend, every other pup, and their humans as well. So that’s good isn’t it?

And I wanted to arooroo a couple of things following some ruff ruffs to my Post-Valentine Snooze story.

Dave from Ao4 mentioned Brazilian jazz and bagpipes. I will have to wait for mistress to come back as she knows more about that sort of thing than me. She doesn’t know much, but I know even less. About music I mean.

And Comet and Blue told me that the cushion in the picture (the one on my head) is supposed to go underneath. Hehehe. I thought that was funny – definitely Bits of Witz from a Couple of Spitz. Actually, it usually ends up on the floor. But I was feeling muy tranquilo listening to the musica.

While I am on music, I did a PippaQuiz back at the beginning of this month. I asked what the funny small round black thing that spins round and round at 45 rpm on a large machine was called. I forgot to announce that Diane got it right. Well done Diane. It is called a record. I did not know that. Thank you.

There was some mention of girlfriends and my list. It is a sore point, yet again, with those pesky beautiful young huskies. No more on that one for now.

Well I am worn out now. So nighty night.

Oh no. What is this? An infiltration of my blog from hundreds of kilometres away. Apparently it is a strelitzia (two of them to be accurate) that mistress *just happened* to take a photo of when I am trying to get a post up without tedious flowers.

I think master and I need to go and keep an eye on her. Before I know it she will have taken a picture of every flower in Gibraltar.


Thank you for any comment. Please check back next time you visit, as I like to reply to all barks, woos, and mews

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