Out with master

Off we go for our lunchtime walk.

I get so excited. When we are lying at my gate master will say:

“Come along Pippa, time to go out.”

I run inside. When we get to the kitchen he picks up his keys and I do a vuelta or two.



And right back in position and poised

Then master and I run through the house. Well, I run anyway and then I get in front of him so I stop, do another vuelta, and wait for him to catch up, run behind him and then stay very closely by his side.

When we reach the patio it is time for another vuelta while he picks up my lead and his stick (to beat off any nasty attackers of whatever type).

Waiting patiently by my lead

Nearly off now

And off we go.

I have some good news.

First I have an award. Thank you Momo and Pinot.

Toadally awesome. Hehe. I like that.

And second, Misery Mistress is off on her travels again for a few days. She wants to go on some silly history outing with her heritage society group.

Let’s get this clear mistress. When you come back – I do not want history pictures on MY blog. Put them on your own. Look how more and more flowers have crept onto my blog. I have decided to allow one or two occasionally because some of my girlfriends have said they are nice.

But I am not, repeat NOT, having history pictures on here. So you go have a nice time mistress, and master and I will do macho bonding on my jasmine-filled terrace.


Thank you for any comment. Please check back next time you visit, as I like to reply to all barks, woos, and mews

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