Post-Valentine snooze

I had a brilly Valentine’s Day. Thank you to all my girlfriends who mentioned me on their blogs and who came to visit my post. I love you all to bits. As you know. I love you as much as toast in fact.

But I was very tired. And the silly cushion fell on my head.

So I went to sleep listening to this nice music. They go arooooroooo too. I like it. And I am thinking about all my girlfriends when I listen to it. This song is for you.

Today master went out on his bicycle. Without me.

AROOOOROOOOROOOROOOO I called. Helpfully. So he could hear me. Mistress wasn’t impressed.

“Shut up Pippa.”

I didn’t want to shut up. I wanted to go out with master.



“Come here Pippa,” she said. I went into the bedroom where idle mistress was still lying in her bed.

We did snoses and head rubbings and ear rubbings and she said sort-of nice things in a sort-of nice mistress voice.

Then I went out and did another roooroo. And mistress told me to shut up again and to go to my cama (bed). So I did.

I still don’t like it when master goes out without me. Mistress is boring and she is NOT EATING TOAST at the moment so I am missing out.

I am in a grumpy sleepy mood now thinking about all this.

I need a nap. I need those Nights in White Satin.

ETA: Master and Mistress seem to think Nights in White Satin by the Moody Blues is A Classic. Whatever that means. Sounds nice though. Pippa


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