Cat paradise …..and more pink flowers

I told master and mistress it was time we went for a drive. And preferably a little bit further than we went the other week when we got stuck down the river bed (click here).

As we approached the river bed (ok the stream bed, the arroyo in fact) Mistress said very clearly: “Going straight on at the cross roads.”

The crossroads is actually the end of the tarmac road, the start of the dirt track and is bisected by the arroyo. I had a little laugh to myself. I don’t usually, but clearly mistress did not fancy spending another two or three hours down the river bed, five minutes walk from home, digging ourselves out of a hole. So on up the dirt track we went.

Driving up the track in my Landy

Sunday morning is always quiet in Spain, because people like to stay in bed till at least mid-day. Then we went down another track and across the big river. Except there was no water in it. I have posted this photo on our Landy blog but I think I should put it up here too so you can all see how dry it gets even in the middle of winter.

Dry river bed

When it rains lots, and the snow in the mountains melts, the river is in full flow from bank to bank. It is hard to believe looking at it right now though.

Then we went on some road which was dull because I couldn’t smell anything so I lay down.

As we climbed the hills, I looked out of the window again as there was lots to see and some different smells.

But the best bit of all was when we arrived at the village car park. There was a very tiny car parking gap. And just next to the tyre of the car on our left was a little gatito.

Ohhhhh. I was so excited. I started to do boundaround. Then master opened the door and decided to do up his bootlace and a million trillion – well four – cats charged across the car park. I was beside myself with excitement. What a brilliant place. I couldn’t wait to get out.

“You just stay here and guard the coche, Pippa. I’ve opened the window, it’s nice and shady, and we won’t be long,” said master.

What? What? You two are wandering around Cat Paradise and I have to stay guarding the coche and squeaking away at the nasty gattos? Huh. I howled as they walked off. But they didn’t come back so I settled down to Guard Duty.

Mistress took a nice photo for me as she wandered round Cat Paradise Village. I think it is a shame I did not get chance to greet these fat friendly cats don’t you?

Fat cats

Twee rustic house. Well, that’s what mistress says

A well-earned rest on the way home

Here is a boat. Inland. How silly

Waiting to jump out at home – do I smell more cats?

And when we got inside I went to sleep on my sofa.

The end of another hard day

Now. *Important PippAnnouncement*

I would like all my girlfriends (all those who still love me an eensy teensy bit that is) to be my Valentines. I will try and visit you all personally on Valentine’s Day and will do a post to mention you all. And yes, Bella, of course I haven’t forgotten about you. Silly darling.

Well, that will keep mistress busy on Valentine’s Day. She will be stuck in front of the computer all day. Hehe!

Speaking of Valentines, Randi says it is ok to show photos of pink flowers, although Cleo says it is not very masculine…….but as you know I am a sensitive dog. So I will leave you with some pink flowers that I saw on my drive.

Almond blossom – for all my girlfriends


Thank you for any comment. Please check back next time you visit, as I like to reply to all barks, woos, and mews

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