Two admissions…….And one award, x three

Well, mistress has finally returned. Not before time.

That’s not my admission though. I have to confess that master and I were bored. Not that we missed her. Not really.

But we worked our fingers and paws to the bone doing the cleaning while she was gone.

Master and I – skin and bone after our hard week

Mistress claimed she was cleaning my kennel flat in Gibraltar. As if. I don’t know why it took her a whole week to clean a tiny flat. We had a house and a large terrace to clean. We had no-one to moan at and victimise. It seems mistress is useful after all.

Wait. What is this? What is this pesky flower doing on MY blog? No sooner is she back than mistress is invading my space. She seems to think it is a pretty flower and her blogging pals have told her it looks nice on her blog so she wants to add it to mine because not everyone reads her blog.


Of course not mistress, dogs are interested in dogblogs, not flowerblogs or whatever you write about. Mistress tells me that it is cold and wintry in some parts of the world so this pretty flower will cheer people up. Well, just this once. But no more flowers allowed on my blog unless I am in the picture too. Huh. This is Pippadogblog not Pippaflowerblog mutter mutter…….

Admission number two. This is a difficult one. As you all know whenever I do a poll I always take your advice. Even when you all tell me not to get rid of mistress. So when I asked you for help with my dilemma about girlfriends naturally I intended to do what you all suggested and go for more.

But I am not sure I want to. Lots of my top girlfriends came back and said how much they loved me and I was very touched. Even though I have lots of Pippalove I think I should really concentrate on making these special and loyal girlfriends feel loved. And mistress keeps getting them confused.

So, I am not going to actively look for more girlfriends, but…….I do need to say that Jazz and Dixie have agreed to be my girls in Japan. (Mistress is prattling away about Big in Japan and Alphaville music here very good mistress, go away now.)

Not just that, but Narra has agreed that I can be her elevated Ethel thinker, no I mean ethereal thinker. While Wally is grounded and earthly.

Ethereal thinking

Naturally I am not going to pass up these three beautissima girlfriends, although I may need to brush up on my Ethel-real thinking, as I am usually sleeping not thinking. For you Narra, I will be a thinking dog though. And for Jazz and Dixie I will even let mistress play Big in Japan more than once on youtube – or even on that funny small round black thing that spins round and round at 45 rpm on a large machine. PippaQuiz. What is the small funny round black thing called?

Back to the girlfriends. Even though I am not going to look for more, (well, not just now anyway) I would like to say that I will never refuse anyone who asks. So, if any girl out there wants a boyfriend I will always be here. Just ask.

Finally a couple of quick comments to some of my top girlfriends. To Kelsey Ann and Roxie, I didn’t know I was your only boyfriend so I will remember that and make sure I send you extra special loves. To Guinness, you will be my Valentine too and I will be thinking of you in a few days time. And to Tasha and Eva – it DOES snow here in Spain. Big time. So that is no excuse for not moving here.

To Ethel. It must be difficult for you that Wally stinks so much. I do not smell. Nor can I smell Wally in Gibraltar, or Spain. It is a shame you are not chasing fuzzy cats tennis balls on my terrace with me.

Ooops I nearly forgot. Distracted by my girlfriends as usual. I have been given the E for Excellence award. Mistress says it can’t mean much because A is the top mark not E but I have told her she is wrong as usual. In fact I have it three times so I must be excellentissima. I have been given it by Lorenza, MayaMarie, and Jazz and Dixie. Of course if mistress had not been gallivanting in Gibraltar and had kept up to my blog she might have posted this award sooner, but there again, if she had done, I might not have been given it three times. I so like to get awards more than once.

Well, I am a happy Pippa. I have some new girlfriends, a nice award, mistress is back for me to complain about and I nearly had a marmalade gatito this morning but master was too fast. I was going for it for you Sophie, honest.

Mistress is back – preparing tasty food above my table den


Thank you for any comment. Please check back next time you visit, as I like to reply to all barks, woos, and mews

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