My den

First of all I want to thank every dog who voted in my poll, especially those of you (17 in fact) who said I should go for more girlfriends. I think this is a top idea and exactly what I shall do.

Three of you suggested I should stick to the ones who love me the most. Now although I don’t have favourites, well not really, what dog can resist the girlfriends who are always loving and tell me how gorgeous I am? I am sure you all know who you are so I won’t embarrass you by naming you, but you do have a special place in my heart, up there with buttered toast.

One silly dog said I should stop looking for any more. I think that must have been a wind-up. Another one said I should should go for one. How is a dog to choose one girlfriend out of so many beauties? Too difficult for me by far.

So I will report back when I get some acceptances. If I get some, I suppose.

Master and I went for a walk down the river bed, well the stream bed, last night. Mistress eventually turned up late as usual to take some photos.

Posing. Hello mistress, late again

The river bed changes every year, depending on the rain and how much water comes down from the mountains. So each year, the course becomes deeper, or wider, or shallower. Sometimes you can’t get down.

Down the river bed

But one of our neighbours with a tractor has some land down there so he has flattened it out so he can drive his tractor up and down. He has a big black dog guarding his ground. He is chained up. I am glad I am not chained up at all or locked away. It was just as well he was chained up though as he was very big and had a loud bark. He wagged his tail nicely though so I tried to greet him the same way. Master was having none of it and dragged me off.

The big black dog

And now my den. This is my very favourite den at the moment. It is just down from my gate so I can see up the street while I am hiding. But no cats and dogs can see me. Even mistress struggled to find me for the photos. Can you see me sniffing? Mistress thinks I was smelling the jasmine. Master thinks I was smelling for cats. What do you think?

Looking up the street from my hiding spot

Looking the other way




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