My Gotcha Day

Well, it isn’t today, or even yesterday, or even the day or two days before that. My Gotcha day was on 14 January.

Anyway, bad mistress has been too busy writing about glow plugs on her Land Rover blog and artichokes on her own blog. I ask you. Why is she writing about artichokes when she could be writing about me?

So no dog has been able to wish me Happy Gotcha Day this year. Now I will have to wait another 361 days. And it was the first year I knew about Gotcha Days too.

Now that surely must be worth sacking mistress for.

It was a grotty day anyway because it rained, so I didn’t bother going to wake up master. But he got up anyway. So I Aroorooed to him.

“No, Pippa, we aren’t going outside in the rain. We will both get soaked and you won’t like that,” he said.

So I Aroorooed again.

“Very well, Pippa” and he went out into the patio. “No, Pippa, we can’t possibly go out. It is just raining too much.”

I sighed. I waited ten minutes and then I had another go.

“Arooo roooo ROOOOOOO.”

Appearance of light bulb over master’s head.

“Oh, Pippa, do you want your breakfast?”

No, master, what do you think I have been Aroorooing for? A walk in the rain? The cats always hide when it’s raining anyway. NO, I want my breakfast.

It’s not like master to be so slow off the mark but I was a bit disappointed I must say. Especially as Misery Mistress was lying in bed laughing because she knew exactly why I was Aroorooing. It would have been helpful if you had told master, Misery. Instead of laughing.

Naturally I got no presents from them.

But my friends Jake and Just Harry, The Barkalot Boyz have given me the “thinking blogger award”. They said I have opened their eyes to what it means to live on the streets before coming in from the cold to a loving family.

Thank you very much boys. So there mistress, I don’t need you to give me your awards because my dogpals give me nice awards in my own right. Anyway I need to think about five other thinking blogs, so I will put my own thinking cap on while I am at the gate and post up next time.

Oh, and back to my Gotcha Day. I don’t know how old I am, except that I am more than four. So maybe five, or even six. Who knows? But I’ve looked after master and mistress for four years now, so I think they have been very lucky.


Thank you for any comment. Please check back next time you visit, as I like to reply to all barks, woos, and mews

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