My news

Here I am. Back on my finca. Lying at my gate.

We had a fine time driving up the coast in my Landy. I went to sleep in the back, it was nice and warm and sunny. When we stopped at the traffic lights at San Pedro Alcantara I had a little look to see if there was anything interesting – like cats – but there wasn’t so I went back to sleep.

Just before master got home, we stopped for a nice walk by the sea. I think it was really so mistress could call at the supermarket.

I was very excited when we got home and I ran all round my house. Then I ran outside onto my terrace and ran up and down there a few times. Then I lay down at my gate. I am sure to see one of the horrid Marmalade family soon. Master and mistress think they are on the fifth or sixth generation of feral kittens by now.

Mistress has got some awards on her blog. Bloggers of the World, and Thinking Blogger. I think she should give them to ME. I am the one in this household who gets awards, not mistress for her stories about life in Spain and Gibraltar and Important Things whatever they may be. Who is interested in that? Does she have lots of dog pictures on? (although I do feature on the last post). No. Does she get as many comments as me? No. Give ME your awards mistress.

Remember the nice people who came to see us at Christmas? The woman sent some of her photos to mistress and said she could post them on our blogs. So here they are. Well, the ones with ME on. Because they are the only interesting ones.

There are only two days left to vote in my poll, and it looks as though nearly everypup thinks I need more girlfriends, so if you haven’t voted yet, please put your paw on the button.

Finally, I am so sorry that one of my newest friends, Durango, has gone to the Rainbow Bridge. So this post is in his memory. Run free, little one. Dakota and Thrawn will be there for you.


Thank you for any comment. Please check back next time you visit, as I like to reply to all barks, woos, and mews

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