My review

Mistress has done a review of the year on her blog, so I WANT ONE TOO.

Those of you who read mistress’s blog may find a couple of similarities, because she wrote about me on her blog. I don’t know whether I am pleased or annoyed about that. Of course, I write about her on my blog sometimes but that is different.

On with the review. In January I celebrated my third anniversary of finding master and mistress on the street and rounding them up to take them back home. I can’t think of anything for February.

March was very important because I started blogging. Some of my earliest friends were Bella, the Lurchers, and the Dachsies.

In April I became Pippa the camping dog. That was ace fun. I would like to do it again, but mistress went quite pale when she discovered how much the prices had gone up since the last time they camped. Don’t care Meanie Mistress, I want to go again. I will ask master to take me and you can stay at home. Oh, and I got a new kennel flat in April too, with a grotty sofa that the previous owner left behind.

Now this is where my blog converges with mistress’s. In May we entertained some of her friends. I liked the woman, she is small and pretty and just the right height for Pippadog to jump on and hump. Everytime she got up I ran over to her for fun games. She kept saying no though, which was a shame.

Later when they had gone, I jumped on my sofa and vomited. I hadn’t finished but mistress took my throw away and put it in the wash so I vomited again. Mistress looked a bit sick and tired so we went out for a walk and I found a nice cat to chase. Mistress was a bit slow so I tried to drag her along but eventually she just fell down. Silly mistress. I lost the cat anyway so went back to find her. She has not taken me out since.

In June I became an entrepreneur and went car-booting. I supervised master and mistress from under the shade of my Land Rover, and they sold lots of clutter very cheaply to earn some euros for my dog biscuits. There were no cats but there were plenty of interesting dogs around.

July was a very busy month. I got a Cool Dog Site of the Day Award, a bright shiny new toaster, and lots of girlfriends. A good month, I think.

In August, I became Gibflatdog for a while because master got himself a job here. Mistress bought me an Appletop so that we could keep up to my blog from Gib. And I became News Editor of DWB News. A busy month for work for all of us.

I couldn’t remember anything for September so I have made mistress look it up. I tried to get rid of her and did a poll expecting support from my dogpals but you all told me to keep her. Then after that mostly I wrote about my girlfriends, some were becoming a bit of a handful. September was obviously a month when I had women problems. No wonder I didn’t want to remember it.

In October I joined the Army of Four by mistake. I thought they were asking if people wanted to be pals on their sidebar, so I nearly died when I discovered I had been drafted into the army! But lots of my girlfriends – including Amber, who is Executive Officer for the Ao4 – have all promised to look after me. So it has not turned out too badly up to now.

November seems to have been a mixed month. Master and mistress got some ‘flu/chest infection, and a few of my best dogpals seem to have been poorly too. But I got some fine new organic dog biscuits that were very yummy. Mistress has ordered me some more and I told her to get TWO sacks this time. I also passed on some Top Tips for getting food. And I wrote a letter to Santa to go in Five Happy Hounds competition. But Santa didn’t come. Mistress says that is because he didn’t know whether we were in Gib or Spain, and here in Gib there is no chimney either.

December was definitely the month of cards. Mistress finally finished mine and we tried to email it to everyone who emailed us with a card. Some wouldn’t go though, even though she tried a couple of times. Myself I think she should have sent it to more dogpals, but she wasn’t organised enough. I must make sure she starts much earlier next year. And I met master and mistress’s new friends who came from South Africa. On New Year’s Eve there were horrid fireworks.

But on the whole it was a pretty good year. I did lots of new things and discovered some delicious new foods – potato crisps made with olive oil, pizza, and curries from the take-away. And I like Gibraltar because there are a lot of cats here.

Onto the New Year and just a quick look forward. As January is my Gotcha month, master and mistress will now have been with me for four years. But mistress can’t remember the date. She will have to look it up next time she goes back to Spain. Maybe it has already gone, if so we will need to have a belated pawty. Master was laid off work before Christmas, so he is planning to take us all back to Spain for a break. So I will be able to write some tales from the finca with any luck.


Thank you for any comment. Please check back next time you visit, as I like to reply to all barks, woos, and mews

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