Toalla dog

We, ok, not we at all, but mistress has been taking a break. Myself I think it would have been helpful if she had posted up that she was going to take a break, not that she has taken one. You can all work that out because we have not posted for a week.

And now she wants to say that we are having another break. WHY? Because she has some stuffs to do in Spain and she can’t promise to write up every few days.

So first off, Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays (depending on your preference) to our pals, and a very Happy New Year to all of you.

We have tried to send our email cards to everyone who has sent to us and all the ones who are on our immediate list, but we keep getting some “can’t send” messages back. We will have another go before 25 Dec. After all it is raining here so what else does mistress have to do?

Thank you to everydog who has sent us cards, old pals (well not in terms of years) and new ones too. I have got some adorable cards from some of my girlfriends and just can not decide which cards I like the most. I think I like all of them equally. I am not going to list them because I am bound to miss out some girlfriend and then I will get myself into trouble again.

Which brings me onto my Christmas/New Year poll. I have very sadly noticed that a lot of my girlfriends are happy to be sort-of girlfriends but they really want a special boyfriend of their own. Master says women are like this. I thought it was nice to be friendly to every beautiful dog, but he tells me life doesn’t work like that.

So, I have been thinking. Should I stop looking for more girlfriends? Should I ask just one beauty to be my very special girlfriend? (like Charlie and Freda are juntos) And how on earth would I choose? Or should I go for the ones that love me the most, and still be pals with the others, but sort of have a more discrete list?

What a difficult one. Any views, pals and girlfriends? Please have a look at my new poll, top right, and it is a multiple poll by the way – so you can answer yes to all of them if you really want although I am not sure that would be helpful.

I said earlier it was raining. It has rained for three days. I DO NOT LIKE TO GO OUT IN THE RAIN. I hope I have made that one clear. Nor, when I come in, soaking wet, do I like to be dressed up like Toalla Perro, or Toalla Dog. Mistress thinks this is witty because it sounds like Koala Bear. Do I look as though I think this is witty? For any pups who don’t speak Spanish, toalla is Spanish for towel.

Mistress, I am not Koala Bear, Toalla Bear

Or even Toalla Perro or Toalla Dog

Just go away – Pippa the Headless Wonder again

If I get chance, I will get mistress to post a slightly more festive photo over the holiday season than Toalla Pippa.

Have great toallaless holidays.

Master and I – happily, without toallas

And today I have to dream of Sophie La Flirtador because she has been poorly, and even though I know she is a terrible flirt, I think she is beautiful and I love her lots. Get well Sophs. But don’t laugh at my toalla pictures. Please.


Edited to correct spelling of toalla. Thanks Lorenza. Silly mistress. Dresses me up and can’t even spell right.

Thank you for any comment. Please check back next time you visit, as I like to reply to all barks, woos, and mews

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