Cockroaches, snoses and huskies

Mistress is a wimp

I have a secret. But first I will tell you what a wimp mistress is. Again. Even though I know none of you believe me.

She has not written my blog because she went to my finca to feed and water my chickens and water my garden. She probably ate my strawberries too. She certainly didn’t bring any back with her.

Anyway, she was doing the washing up, or rather, she had put some water in the bowl and was trying to find something to distract her so she could put off doing the dishes, when she realised she was being watched.

There was a huge (well, mistress says huge) cucaracha on the wall just above the washing-up bowl. He was laughing at mistress. Mistress stood rooted to the spot. Then he waved one of his antenna at her.

“Eeeek” she said in a very tiny voice. She didn’t want to scream too loudly in case he scuttled off. Our Spanish neighbour whacks them with a sweeping brush, but mistress would be useless at that.

She ran into the bathroom to get the horrid spray. She doesn’t like pesticides but she doesn’t like cockies either. She ran out again and he was still laughing at her so she zapped him. Eventually he wriggled a bit and then dropped to the floor.

She decided to leave him, in case he wasn’t quite dead and thought he would be a good lesson to any other marauders that might invade the house. Then she grabbed a glass of wine, shut the kitchen door behind her to try and keep the nasty smell out of the rest of the house, and went to collapse in a small heap and recover from the shock.

As I have said before, she really is such a wimp. But I don’t suppose any of you will agree with me.

Kisses and snoses

Anyway, onto my secret, and I don’t want this to go any further. I have given mistress a kiss lick. In the morning I sometimes go into her before she has got up and I do snoses. I go up to her very quietly, reach over and very gently I touch the tip of her nose with mine. Well, one day last week, I stuck the tip of my tongue out as well. Naturally mistress thought it was a kiss. It was not. It was not, I tell you, it was a tiny lick.

The next day I did the same thing. Hehe. There was a reason of course, I wanted her to get up sooner and then she could get on with my second and main breakfast. But it wasn’t working. So the day after, I gave her a lot of kisses, licks. Her face was a bit dirty anyway. And it still didn’t work. So now I have stopped and I do not want it to be said by any pup that Pippadog does kisses. I don’t.

In fact I only do snoses when I want. So when mistress came to me this morning to rub snoses while I was relaxing on my sofa after my breakfast, I moved my snose imperiously away from her and rested it on the sofa arm. Then I waved my paw at her and told her to Get Out Of My Space.

Get Out Of My Space

She was a bit slow off the mark though, and tried to have another go. So I decided to lick my Important Parts. I think she got the message then. She didn’t try again. I don’t have a photo of that. Perhaps just as well.

Hiding from mistress on one of my walks

I think she found me but I am bonding with master

Husky update

Master and I were coming back on our usual circuit when two friendly American women asked if they could say hello to me. They had come to Gib on one of the cruise liners and were on their way back to the ship.

No mistress, this is a boat in the marina, this is not a cruise liner

They were a mother and a daughter and they both had two huskies each. The young one bent down, and said “Hello baby, you’re beautiful” and gave me a big hug. Her mum gave me lots of loves and strokes. I held my nose up for snoses and smiled nicely at them both.

The mother thought I was a husky/GSD cross, but the daughter said she had seen huskies that looked like me that weren’t a mix. They were sort of long and thin and taller than other huskies. Like me.

Master asked what they did with their huskies while they were on holiday and they said they had lots of husky friends who were always willing to take their dogs for a few weeks, and they did the same in return. I wish I had some husky pals, I think they all seem very friendly with each other. At least I have lots on here, even if I don’t get to play with them.

I am not going to dream about a girlfriend today. I am going to remember Thrawn.

Remembering a friend

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