Mistress, answers, ecards

I am a sad Pippadog. Look my blog hasn’t been written up for a week. Pooh. And hey, where has my tail gone on that photo? First I am headless and now I am tailless.

And I am worried about mistress too. Some time ago I tried to be Dr PippaFreud the pyschoanalyst dog.

I wasn’t very good at it. I made a mess of analysing mistress’s behaviour. However I am going to have another go.

For two days this week she has done cleaning stuffs in the morning. On Monday she filled a bucket with water, and cleaned the window frames ‘cos they get water drops overnight. Then she cleaned the wardrobe, swept the floor, moved my sofa and retrieved lots of PippaFur, then she mopped the floor. I stayed quietly on my sofa (it was nice to be pushed around on it I must say), and I waited for the poorliness attack to finish.

Then she did more or less the same thing yesterday. Now once I can understand. She wakes up feeling cranky and does these out-of-character activities two or three times a year. But two days in a row? And she has even cleaned my Appletop, so we can see the screen properly.

It’s my view that this ‘flu thing she had has left her with After Effects. Why else would she clean? It takes her all morning to do the washing up and she still leaves the pans for master. She is a big believer in “No-one ever died saying I wish I had spent more time at the office.” But she also believes “No-one ever died saying I wish I had spent more time cleaning.”

Normally she merrily writes up all our blogs, and then we visit my pals, and then I have a snooze and she surfs a few forums. Anything really to put off the cleaning. We will see how long this lasts.

Thank you to every dog who answered my poll. As the results are pretty much half and half, I have decided to leave it as it is for now. After all, I can’t even get it written up so what chance have I got of getting it redesigned?

Now, I need to answer some questions. First to Roxie, I dreamed about you on this post. Maybe you missed it, or maybe you don’t think I wrote enough. But I always include you when I write about my list of girlfriends. I will write about you again though in a few posts time as I always try to keep my girlfriends happy.

Eddie N Peaches N Bella asked about tickly toes. Normally when I do shake-a-paw with master, we count to five, sometimes ten, then he tickles under my toes. It is very nice, I like it lots.

Jake of Florida asked if I jump into laps. No, although I am happy to walk over mistress and lie on her legs and things like that.

Bama asked how I tell master and mistress I love them if I don’t do kisses. Well, I don’t love mistress so that is an easy one. Hehe. Master knows I love him, I bound around in the morning and roo roo to show my appreciation of him getting up when I tell him, I sit very close to him at toast time, and lift my paw lots and chomp my toast nicely, and then I go lie peaceably on my sofa and smile at him, and when mistress is being stupid, master and I exchange laughies. I think that is enough. Oh, and of course, I let him do tickly toes with me as a top privilege.

A few of you have said you wanted to hear the rest of My Story. Some of you already know it, so I will just post up the links to My story (1) and My story (2). Don’t worry they are not long stories.

And here is a tiny bit more, About me.

When I wrote my story up, pals asked me about the other dogs in the story, so I wrote about Prince here. Mistress still can’t read it without crying though. I have just realised I never did Paddy’s story, so I will write a little bit later about Paddy and Ben because mistress can now scan some old piccies in for me.

So I hope that’s answered everydog’s questions.

Thank you very much for all the ecards I have received so far – they are all brilly and all very different. In mistress’s favour, she has actually started to mess about and make mine. By the way we don’t do Microsoft, so I will be sending a jpeg image, I hope you will all be able to see that (I’ve not been able to open a couple of ecards :(. As I have already had one request for my address to swap snail mail cards, I should add that I am happy to do that with any pup who visits my blog. Although I can’t guarantee when you will get it. Just contact mistress or me at the email on the DWB list.

Now I promised Tasha and Eva that I would dream about them as we have been having a few misunderstandings with our barks. So, my beautiful furry fluffy Belgian Shepherd girlfriends, I am all curled up on my sofa and dreaming about you both.


Thank you for any comment. Please check back next time you visit, as I like to reply to all barks, woos, and mews

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