Weekends, new poll, and tagged

Mistress is upsetting my weekend routine. The weekend before she was too poorly to go back to Spain so we all spent a nice weekend together.

She wasn’t much better this weekend but she decided to struggle back. But it was raining cats and dogs on Saturday so master told her to wait until Sunday. She packed her bag and off she went.

I thought she was going to stay with us all weekend again and I was quite worried when she started packing. I wondered if she was going for good. Us pups worry about things like that because we often get thrown out when people split up.

Master went for pizza on Sunday night so we could have our weekend treat together. I wasn’t sure where he had gone so when I heard him coming back up the street I jumped up on my sofa to look out of the window for him, but he had pulled the curtains so I couldn’t see.

Curtains pulled back so I can see nicely

In my excitement to pull the curtains back, I pulled them right down on the floor. I think master was a bit surprised when he walked in to see the curtains in a heap on the floor. He put them back. Just as well. Mistress would not have been pleased to see her carefully made curtains screwed up in a heap when she returned.

Master took the day off work on Monday ‘cos he was poorly and mistress came back in the evening. We all discussed how disrupting it was when she changed her routine. She said she was disrupted too and promised to try and go back to the normal Go Saturday, Come Back Sunday routine.

A dog has to let people know when he is out of sorts, don’t you think?

Mistress has changed the appearance of her blog. Personally I think it looks a bit tabloidy. She claims it looks clear and clean. What does she mean? My blog doesn’t look dirty, does it? I like the colour because it matches some of my fur.

But I wonder if I should have a change? Mistress seems to think it’s often good to change one’s image and I notice a few of my pals have changed theirs since I started blogging. What do you think – should I change my blog? Fix my new poll mistress.

Now I have been tagged by Eddie at Eddie N Peaches N Bella’s Dog House.

Here are the rules for Tag 7:
* Link to the person who tagged you and post the rules on your blog
* Share 7 random and/or weird facts about yourself
* Tag 7 random people at the end of your post & include links to their blogs
* Let them know they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.

1 I never do kisses. I will stick my nose in M&Ms faces, but there are NO kisses from Pippadog. But I love to do tickly toes.

2 I am an excellent timekeeper. Although I like to get master up before 6am, if he ignores me the first time, I make sure I walk in spot on 6am. Sometimes I let him have a lie-in at weekends. Not all the time though or he might get used to it.

3 And I am a great weather-forecaster too. I ALWAYS know when it is going to rain – and I tell master we need to go out before it rains. My pal River suggested I should get a job as a weather reporter, but I don’t think I could manage doing that as well as DWB News Editor.

4 I go quite beserk in the morning for buttered toast. I run around and yelp if master is too slow to put it on, and as soon as he puts the bread in Pippa’s Toaster, I go and lie down next to it and wait for the ticky noise to finish. Then I jump over the chair to twirl round next to master and share the toasties half and half.

5 I like horses and donkeys and goats and well, all stock animals really. I like to do rubby noses with the horses and donkeys at the big finca opposite my Spanish house.

6 I found master and mistress on the hillside outside our village in Spain. They had two other dogs with them and I tried to follow them home, but the goats got in the way when we got to the stream (they were coming up the river bed) so I panicked and ran back up the hillside.

7 Ethel was my first girlfriend.

And speaking of which, or who, she complained that I hadn’t blogged about her recently. As you all know I am a peaceable dog and always do what my girlfriends tell me (I have learned this one from master), so because she has got owies at the moment, I am going to make an exception and dream about Ethel again today. Even though I have other girlfriends on my list that I have not dreamed about yet. But you are poorly, and you were my very first girlfriend, and I love you lots. Paws crossed you are better very soon.

Tickly toes with master


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