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EDITED TO ADD: if you haven’t voted for awesome blog of the month please go and put your pawprint on the poll. Two of my best pals (well five actually) are nominated, Freda and Army of Four and I would so like to see them do well, but they need a bit of help right now.

Thanks to everydog who has sent their sympathies to me about having a poorly mistress. It is kind of you to think about me but apart from her coughing and sneezing it has not been too much of a bother and that was balanced out by the extra pizza.

Mistress has shared her cold with master. Not much of it, just enough. She still has most of it. But the other day he stamped in from work, and said:

“I knew it.”

“Knew what darling?”

“I knew I would get your cold. I have a Terrible Sore Throat.”

He sat down to take his boots off and mistress quickly got him a cold can of beer as she knew this would be very good for the Terrible Sore Throat.

“There’s not enough food in that pan, put some beans in,” he ordered.

Mistress did as she was told and then got him another can of cold beer thinking if he was drinking he wouldn’t be snapping.

“I’m tired. I’m going to bed. Wake me up when tea is ready. I don’t want much tea by the way.” He stomped off into the thermarest-on-the-floor room.

Mistress took him a tiny bowl of tea, ate loads herself, and went to bed.

In the middle of the night master woke up shivering. (Perhaps he should have eaten more tea. I would have done.)

“Take the sleeping bag darling,” said mistress half-asleep not noticing that master had already snatched the sleeping bag. He carefully unzipped it so they could share it like an eiderdown and five minutes later tucked it all round himself and was happily snoring away leaving mistress shivering.

I decided to wake him up earlier than normal in the morning as I knew it was going to rain. I always do this as then we don’t get wet. I find it a sensible course of action to go out sooner when it is going to rain.

They were playing The Game. The one where they lie there like statues so I know they can’t possibly be asleep. Anyway I played The Game too and pretended I thought they were asleep and bounded back onto my sofa.

Ten minutes later I decided we really should go out early to avoid the rain so I walked all over them. Master got up – and decided to have a shower. Apart from anything else the water was cold because no-one (ie mistress) had put the heater on. Well, master I don’t know why you are bothering to have a cold shower because if you hang around so long you will get one outside anyway, I thought to myself.

Out we went. It wasn’t raining. Half-way round the block it started. It wasn’t drizzle, it was proper heavy rain. I was not pleased. I refused to do my stuff, I’m not squatting in the rain. Huh.

We got home and master was soaked. “Well, that wasn’t very clever Pippa,” he said.

I knew that. Any dog could work that out. At this point he had now managed two cold showers, one of them with his clothes on. He put the heater on and decided to have a hot one. If he had got up when I went in, gone out straightaway, none of that would have happened.

Or was he referring to my refusal to co-operate? No, I don’t think so. Anyway he decided to go to work (having sworn that he was too poorly the night before) which was just as well as I didn’t want to be dragged round in the rain again. Oh, and he ate some more of the bean stuff for breakfast as he was starving. Obviously.

Yummy – I have got another award. My girlfriends adorable Guinness and Cheyenne have given me this one. “The Community Blog Award celebrates people (I think this is meant to read dogs) who reach out and make the blogger community a better one. It also underlines the importance of a blog’s readership community, one of the most rewarding parts about blogging. It’s the people (dogs) that come back to comment, adding to the conversation, making you feel like someone (somedog) is listening and interested.”

Thank you very much sweetheart girlfriends. And they have tagged me too for the “161 meme: Open the current book you’re reading to page 161 and post to your blog the 6th line,” as well as posting that same line as a comment in the sender’s blog.

Mistress is reading La tía Tula, by Miguel de Unamuno, a Spanish modern classic published in 1921. She tends to read a few chapters on the bus as then people don’t harass her in English. (hehe mistress isn’t totally stupid).

But wait, the last page is 141. Well, that will have to do.
“¡Quien tiene que perdoname eres tú, hermana..!”

Right, the other book she is reading at the moment is a history book about Gibraltar, a biography of General Sir George Don, Lieutenant Governor of Gibraltar for 17 years. Better luck here, this book goes up to 165 pages.

“Elibank, Lady 7”
Ooops. It’s the index. Sorry Guinness and Cheyenne – you know what mistress is like. Can’t even rely on her to provide a proper meme. By the way, she doesn’t normally fold books like that but she thought the back cover was pretty too.

Well she’s reading at least a couple of other books in Spain so when she goes back she can post something sensible next time. One is Proust, Remembrance of Things Past (In Search of Lost Time) – she’s actually reading this one in English, and the other is Les Liaisons Dangereuses – and yes she is reading that in French which is why she hasn’t got very far. She bought it last time she had a long French train journey ahead of her. Not long enough to finish the book though. Both of those have far more than 161 pages, so Guinness and Cheyenne, I could be barking something romantic to you in French.

Now, I am going to give the Community Blog Award to Gus and Louie, Rockstar and Mati, Helios, and Sophie La Flirtador. And Sophs can also do the book tag please because perhaps she might be reading in French.

And this brings me onto my last point. Sophie, being a very clever and beautiful girlfriend, noticed that I forgot to dream about a girlfriend in my last post. I noticed too, but it had been posted and I had already got some comments so I decided to leave it and treat myself to two girlfriends this time.

As well as being clever and beautiful Sophie is obviously telepathic – because I had decided to dream about her. Honest Sophie. And she has given me a new word too. Sophie says I tuck my paws. We call it foldy paws, but tuck sounds so elegant like Sophie – I like that.

And the second half of my double dream treat is Penny. Another gorgeously classy clever elegant dog. Swoooon. I am already asleep in dreamland. Zzzzz


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