Letter to Santa

Look here is another silly paws crossed photo. Master and I are crossing our paws together. First I am the headless wonder dog and now all you get is paw pix, or poor pics?

Today they are crossed for Thrawn at Five Happy Hounds because he had another seizure. He has not had one for a while, so we hope he has come out of this one very fast.

Which brings me onto, my list to Santa, and the competition organised by Five Happy Hounds. I’ve been scratching my head and having a think about it.

So…….here we go.

Dear Santa

I didn’t know there was a Santa Claus or that doggies got presents at Christmas. I found master and mistress in January and I had been on the street over Christmas so there was no Santa there.

When I moved into the house with them we used to get nice toys all year round when Princey was with me because he liked them and always claimed them all, but I am not a consumerdog so I don’t really care. I have a ball and a chewie thingie so that will do me. (They were Princey’s anyway).

But Santa, do you know what I would really, really like? No, not a toaster, I have one of those and I have written about it lots of times. (You might want to think about giving one to other dogs though, I must say I recommend it).

Anyway I digress. I would like my very own kitty. Yes. I think that would be so good. Then I would be able to chase it round the flat all day until I got bored. We will need some rules of course. Kitty does NOT come on MY sofa, eat my toast, or invade my blog. Kitty will need to be good and not harass me, basically keep out of my face until I want to play. I think this is rather a thoughtful request because I might even not bother trying to chase the ones in the street if I have my own kitty.

I don’t want it too small either. Just sort of young and friendly (not nasty and scratchy) and respectful enough to me as Top Dog. Please don’t buy one. I would like you to rescue it from somewhere. Perhaps if you got it from the street like me, we could swop stories when I don’t feel like playing chase.

Now, what else do I want? A boat would be nice. Then I could be Skipper Pippa, or Pippa the Skipper. I would already have my ship’s cat wouldn’t I?

I like going driving in my Landy so much that a boat would be very cool. Master and mistress can drive it and I can just stand on the bow, or the stern, until I get tired. Then I can have a snooze while I am being piloted around.

And as we live by the sea, the marina is only a few minutes walk away, it wouldn’t take us long to go out for a jaunt. And like the kitty, we don’t need a flash new one, just something small and second hand to go out in the bay. That’s if master and mistress can learn to avoid all the oil tankers coming into the refinery.

Now because I have tried to be economical – I would like one indulgence. This is a world cruise ticket to go and see all my girlfriends (and my mates as well of course). And I don’t want some slummy steerage compartment either. I’m not bothered about dining with the captain because I don’t like dressing up, and he probably won’t get his food down his neck as fast as me. So a nice cabin with a window and a sofa will be just great. Oh, and I might need a bed in my cabin, in case master or mistress decide to tag along and chaperone me.

This next one isn’t strictly for me. But I think mistress does need a new camera so she can take action shots of me. Of course, that then suggests that I may need to be active. Perhaps not Santa – shall we stick to the boat, the kitty, and the cruise ticket?

Do you do stockings as well? If so, I would like mine filled with buttered toast, curry with lots of biryani rice, peas (not had any for ages), tomatoes, and cheese. Pizza is good as well, and not remotely messy although you would have to cut it up to get it in my stocking.

I think that’s it thank you very much Santa. I might even give you a kiss.

Love from Pippa

And today – I am dreaming about beautiful Guinness and Cheyenne over at The Stoutino Inn and Foster Kennel. With a bit of a sneaky dream for Misty too. Siempre en mi corazon, guapa.


Thank you for any comment. Please check back next time you visit, as I like to reply to all barks, woos, and mews

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