Paws crossed

My paws are crossed for Jackson while he waits for the results of his tests. And every other pup out there who is not too feeling good, or facing tests or surgery.

Now a bit of a confession because I am an honest Pippadog. That photo was staged. It is the very first one we have staged. Mistress crossed my paws for me. And then I immediately undid them, hehe, so she had to cross them again for me.

But the reason she did it, was because I really did have them crossed exactly like this, so she thought she would take a piccy. When she got the camera, naturally I uncrossed them. Anyway so it’s not really really staged, more recreated.

It’s quite rare though because normally I have them flipped inwards. Not like Randi who flips hers out.

And because Randi left me such a sweet message and asked me when I was going to dream about her, I am posting some photoshoot pix of me in dreamy pose. Randi is a very smart and kind dog as she opened up a temporary Randi Refugee Camp for dogs in the fire-affected areas of America – and became CEO. I am very impressed with that. And she has just lost weight too so soon she will be slim and svelte as well as beautiful and intelligent. Anyway, I love you regardless and am dreaming about you today Randi. Or I will when I have finished my toast – first things first.


Sending good vibes to all poorly dogs

Dozing off to dream about Randi

Still thinking about you Randi (and all my girlfriends and toasties)


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