Another silly photo – and a tough interview

Master is getting as bad as mistress. Look at this silly picture. I mean you can see some of my head, but I don’t know why they insist on taking photos when I am trying to put my head under the sideboard.

But my feet are rather interesting aren’t they? Look, I’ve got them all twirled round each other. I think that is quite clever.

My ace Husky pals Chili and Cracker have sent me some interview questions. Now I know I’ve done this before with questions from my girlfriends Penny and Guinness, but as I like barking about myself, I fancied another interview. So without further ado…..

Woohoo Pippadog,
Chili here. Cracker & I decided the boys need to interview you, since our sisters are your grrrlfriends & they would just ask silly questions like “Who’s your #1 grrrlfriend, Pippa?”)
So….we want to know:

1) Just exactly how MANY grrrlfriends do you have?

I would like to know the answer to that one too. I must make Misery Mistress count them all up for me and we will post it up next time.

2) Just what exactly are your intentions toward our sisters, since you’ve made it clear you’re not settling down with just one?

I like to dream about them because they are very beautiful. I er don’t really have any other intentions because I am very lazy. I save my energy for chasing cats and eating toast.

3) What time will you have them home from their dates?

Dates, dates, what dates? This is sounding a bit too heavy and serious now for me.

4) They are both very young, are you going to try to take advantage of their innocence?

Well I’m not going to share ANY of my breakfasts with them if that’s what you mean. And if there is toast in the offing it is everydog for theirselves.

5) Just pulling your tail on 1-4, you’re a grrrrreat guy. Question #5 is…..will you share your little black book with us? After all, you can’t possibly keep ALL those grrrrls satisfied at once!

I don’t have a book. 😦 So I can’t share it. As you can see I don’t even know how many girlfriends I have. Anyway, go find your own girlfriends.

OK, OK, OK. The grrrls insist we tell you that the pic of your pose with one foot in front of the other, and the confident grin on your face is “hot”. We really would like answers to questions 1 & 5, what IS your secret with the ladies???

Envious Bows,
Chili & Cracker

Well I might not be able to count my girlfriends but I can count to five. In lots of languages. And that last makes SIX questions. So I’m not going to answer it.

That was a very tough interview with some rather sneaky questions. Thank you guys. I think I prefer the girly interviews. Maybe Chili and Cracker are not my pals after all.

Anyway I am now supposed to say that I am willing to interview anydog and all that stuff. But I still have to think of five questions for Blue. Mistress says I can’t use my original five (Do you like chasing cats? How many have you caught? How many girlfriends do you have? How many people feed you toast each day? Can you get your head under the sideboard?) – so I am having a rethink.

Oh and I have a new food tip to share with you all. But Misery says now it will have to wait until next time. Pooh. I will leave you with a sensible picture while I dream of hmmmmm, today who am I dreaming of? Cleo the Labrador Retriever. She is a nice gentle dog and lives with Natasha who works very hard to help stray dogs and tries to do her bit to prevent animal cruelty. And Cleo was another Halloween birthdog, she was three on 31 October.


Thank you for any comment. Please check back next time you visit, as I like to reply to all barks, woos, and mews

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