Nicknames (2)

Now I am tagged by Guinness and Shiloh to say what nicknames I have for mistress.

First though, to those who commented on the monkey nickname. It was master who called me monkey first. He called me “naughty little monkey”.

I have no idea why. I am not naughty (well, not very naughty, or very often). I am definitely not little – I don’t know if I ever was, I suppose I must have been. And as I said before I am not a monkey.

Now they don’t even bother with the “naughty little”. I just get monkey. Huh.

As you know I call mistress Meany Mistress and Misery Mistress. Meany when she doesn’t give me sufficient extra breakfast rations, and Misery when she won’t let me chase cats.

Of course since I pulled her over she has not taken me out again, so I don’t get much chance to call her Misery any more. Master is a bit of a Misery too though because he doesn’t seem to want to go on the cat hunts either.

But normally I call master Kind Master. He always speaks to me nicely, shares so much toast with me, gives me lots of strokes and pats and tickly toes, he is wonderful really so I shan’t give him any nasty nicknames.

Now what else shall we call mistress? Wimp of course. We know she is Wimp Mistress after the cockroach in the bath incident. In fact she was home only the other weekend staggering around barefoot without her contact lenses. The next morning when she had put them in, she noticed a cockroach (it was dead so hardly a problem) lying in the bedroom doorway.

Her worry was whether or not in her half-blind state the previous evening, had she walked on it or not? You would have thought she would have noticed it go crunch wouldn’t you? Anyway, apparently she felt sick even thinking about walking on it barefoot so she had to sit down before she vacuumed it up. I might start calling her Roach, hehe.

Idle Mistress naturally. She is not keen on kennelflatwork, she prefers messing around on my Appletop. Furpuller. She thinks pulling my fur out before it drops out, or before I pull it out, is a preventative measure to avoid doing the kennelflatwork and sweeping it up.

I will think of some more when she goes back to Spain. Perhaps master will have some good ideas.


Thank you for any comment. Please check back next time you visit, as I like to reply to all barks, woos, and mews

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