Bye bye girlfriend, and tagged

I am sad today. One of my girlfriends – Beautiful Misty – has been adopted. I know I shouldn’t be sad and I hope she has found her furever home and will be so happy as she deserves, but I don’t suppose I will see her any more. Pooh. I will so miss her. You will always have a place in my heart Misty.

Well, as Guinness and Shiloh, and the Kapp Pack have both tagged me to say what sort of car I would be, I will play the game to try and raise my spirits a bit.

I need to be something slow and sleepy, but friendly, and occasionally lively – for when I see Harvey/Marmalade. And something that stands out from the crowd too, because people are always coming up and saying hello to me because I am big and furry and friendly.

So I could be my Land Rover, it’s a similar colour, (without the dark bits – apart from the tyres of course, and there are darker bits in the interior), it’s slow and sleepy, and very strong like me. But it doesn’t go fast when it sees cats. And it is not elegant, sometimes I can look quite elegant when I have my paws poised. Even master would not say a Land Rover was elegant.

That’s the most I can think of right now, but I will ask master when he comes in from work as mistress is rubbish on cars. Although she says perhaps I should be a Jaguar or a Daimler as they are very powerful and nice-looking. They have a better pedigree than me but I don’t think that matters. Hmmm, I quite like that idea. Perhaps mistress is not rubbish on cars.

1967 Jaguar 420

Or a nice black and cream 1990 Daimler DS 420

Or perhaps the same totally in cream? 1990 Daimler DS 420 on eBay, latest bid at £3,601

And for my faster days, a nice sporty E-type, 3.8 coupé

Images taken from the following websites:
Gladstone Carriages (Jaguar), Elegance Wedding Cars, eBay, and Squidoo E-type Jaguar.

Edited to add: I forgot to tag some dogs. So how about the naughty Bamonster, the Barkalot Boyz, Pacco de Mongrel, and Ume.


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