I, Pippadog, would publicly like to disclaim anything to do with the previous post, which shall be known as the Cinderfella post.

Apart from anything else it could have been a set-up. Can you see my head? No. OK, it might look a bit like me and it is in my kennelflat, but Mistress could have lured another dog in to take the pic.

In fact, she could have carefully slipped the magic flip flop, I mean her flip flop – it is not magic at all – under my paw.

I shall let you know what really happened. There I was, waiting patiently as usual for buttered toast, or raspberries or sausage and tomato, anyway the measly portion of mistress’s breakfast that I do get to eat.

And what does she do? Notices that in my haste to sit as close as possible, I had sat on her flip flop – she’s always leaving them lying around – so she took a photo while I was busy willing the food into my mouth, and I didn’t even notice.

I suppose she thought it was funny, and then – on top of that – she posts scurrilous comments with it. She is just plain bad and horrid.

Furthermore I am seeking damages of a considerable sum.

Oodles of buttered toast. Grapefruit. Raspberries. Sausage and tomato. Cheese. Pilao Rice, Veg Korma and Poppadoms. (Double rations of curry – one of my faves).

I can’t think of any more for now but that will do. On the grounds that the whole Cinderfella post is defamatory. I have heard mistress talking about this sort of thing so I think that is what I mean. The post damages my reputation in the eyes of the right-thinking dog on the street and especially my girlfriends.

I WANT MY GIRLFRIENDS. They are beautiful and I love them all very much. And I was just barking nicely at three other beautiful girl dogs – Randi, Mati, and Kelsey Ann – in the hopes they might join the list.

Please girls, I love you very much and I don’t wear any clothes, never mind mistress’s girly stuff. Honest. You do believe me don’t you?

So here are some proper PippaPix where I am out bonding with master. Mistress was only allowed to come on the condition that she took some nice pix of me.

Checking out the street

Shake-a-paw with master

Stopping to look at the boats



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