Mistress again, tagged, and girlfriends

First before anything else, my good friend Cleopatra has asked all my Malaysian pals to visit her blog regarding the atrocious dog-catching competition being organised over there. Good luck with your efforts Natasha and Cleo.

Another complaint. Mistress is moulting, or shedding or whatever you want to call it.

Her hair is falling out. Admittedly not in big clumps or anything but occasionally I notice long brown mistress pelo on the floor.

It doesn’t belong to master because his is very short and white or grey. It certainly isn’t mine, because it isn’t proper fur and mine is white or cream or dark.

How come she moans at me for a few little clumps of adorable Pippafur all over the floor yet she is allowed to moult her boring brown hair? Unfair.

And it had better not turn up in my Pippadogbix either. Or there will be trouble.

Well apart from my daily whinge, we’re having quite a nice time. We are practising a leisurely life, mistress and I, while master goes out huntergathering for Pippadogbix.

Most of our morning consists of breakfast so that is a great start isn’t it?

After master and I have done our cat hunt – he thinks it’s a walk but I know it is a cat hunt – we eat his toast.

Mistress then makes his sandwiches but I don’t seem to get any of those, I think I may base a new protest on that, and after a lot of sitting around he disappears.

Then unless she is feeling incredibly energetic, we all have a snooze. Then I have my official breakfast. Naturally I would share it but mistress doesn’t want it, so it is all mine.

Then she has her breakfast. We used to eat raspberries but she has been doing the Meany Mistress routine again, so she has cut us down to Kiwi fruit or grapefruit.

The rasps are very nice, especially as we have to eat them all in one go or they go off. I used not to like Kiwi fruit or grapefruit, but if there are no rasps – what is a Pippadog to do?

Develop a taste for them. Although I think Meany was a bit surprised I like the nice sharp grapefruit. It takes her an age to peel it and separate all the segments, so we just chill out together while she does it. Yesterday she forgot to give me some. Horrid mistress.

Then we have our next course, which is wholemeal toast and something. I have acquired a taste for the nice organic mushrooms she buys but they are not in stock at the moment. So today we shared a vegetarian sausage and a tomato. I say share, you can imagine what sort of share it was.

Waiting – on my sofa, next to the table – for mistress’s breakfast. I am not losing sight of the sausage and tomato.

And that’s a large part of the morning gone. Tiring too, so we have a look at a few blogs, or just snooze around somewhere until lunchtime which fortunately isn’t far away.


Lorenza has tagged me to tell about my first day. But there is not much to tell. Master wandered round the village looking for me because they had agreed if they saw me again they would take me in. He had some nice biscuits so I followed him home to their nice patio.

Then mistress fed me and gave me some water.

After that master took me to my new kennel which was a huge corral. He made me a fine raised bed off the floor out of some wooden pallets, and with a big blanket on top.

When they had to go in the house, I found a yummy stick to play with. And we went out for walks, and they came to talk to me lots.

I couldn’t go in the house straightaway because they had two other dogs, and they needed to be introduced to me. Well, Paddy never liked me the little rascal, but Princey was nice.

I wrote about it a few months ago so the full story is here and here.


And Randi wants me to write about my girlfriends which I am always happy to do so I will save that for another post.


Finally thank you to everydog for your insightful comments about my dilemmas with mistress. There is much food for thought there. I was particularly impressed with Fee’s comments about scrawny smelly woman especially as mistress is pretty scrawny.

And of course if I dumped her on the streets, and the paparazzi did find out, who would be my PR person? I would need mistress for that because she knows how to do it – she used to get paid for doing it – so someone thought she knew what she was doing. I need to sleep on this one. Oh, and my nose is not getting pinker, thank you Ume.


Thank you for any comment. Please check back next time you visit, as I like to reply to all barks, woos, and mews

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