Pippa’s musings

Another failed mission

I have been naughty. Again. Not very naughty, just a little bit naughty. Well, I didn’t think I was naughty at all.

Master and I were out for our early-morning stroll when master stopped to chat to some guys starting work at the garden place for 7am.

I stood and waited very patiently, and then as we got to the bottom of the street I thought I would chase Marmalade with the green collar. His real name is Harvey. I don’t actually care what he is called.

So I did a rather clever move between master’s feet and tripped him up. As he was a bit slow getting up I thought I would make a dash for it or I would miss Marmalade/Harvey. But master didn’t let go of me. And I didn’t manage to drag him behind me either.

The guys from the garden place came to ask if he was ok and I was in deep disgrace. It didn’t last long though. I got some toast from master so he can’t have been very very cross.

Pippa’s companion

Remember mistress went off to feed the chickens and water the garden last weekend? And most importantly do my blog. When she was gone, master thought it would be a good idea to go and get a job. So he did.

He rang her up and told her to be back pronto on Sunday so he could start work. And mistress needed to be back so she could look after me.

Not that she does anything of course. A bit of cleaning – not much – washes a few pots, and then either reads – or fiddles with my new Appletop. Note to self, must natter her to get internet connection for my Gibflat.

Sometimes she sits and talks to me. It means nothing to me I tell you. Not a sensible bark in there. She’s even tried to play with my juguete. But it’s boring. She throws it, and it doesn’t move. I don’t feel like getting off the sofa to fetch it, and it’s too tiring to pull it from her. At least my ball runs away a little bit.

Now if mistress was going to be a proper dog companion, we would wander downstairs, and she would say “Off you go Pippa, try and find Marmalade/Harvey, and when you have had enough fun chasing him, we can have a stroll round the block.” I tell you, I have such a hard life.

And my nose is going pink.


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