Update, and tagged again.

Mistress didn’t do my blog post yesterday. She was too busy writing about the Starter Motor of my Landy for her blog. I thought all motors started. Anyway it’s fixed so perhaps I will be able to go Driving in My Landy again.

Now some days ago my beautiful girlfriend MayaMarie tagged me. For the second time. I thought the point of having girlfriends was to dream about them. I didn’t know they made work.

Anyway she is so beautiful and it is not a difficult tag.

1 Where is your favourite place to sleep?

Hmmm. I like to sleep everywhere. On the terrace? On the floor? On the sofa? Next to the cooker? Under my table?

I think it has to be under the table as I am so safe there. And it’s a good vantage position to check out the doors. And of course food sometimes falls off when it is being prepared.

2 Is there a specific trick your humans make you do to get treats?

No. I don’t have to do tricks. I wouldn’t do them anyway. But if they are not sharing their breakfast with me I will hit them with my paw. Or bark. LOUDLY.

3 If you could spend an entire day doing anything at all with anyone, what would you do and with whom?

I would be adventuring in My Landy with master. And picnicking on yummy chips. I suppose mistress could come along too. So long as she gave me lots of chips.

4 What is your favourite toy?

I don’t have many. I used to have a nice piece of wood. I didn’t know how to play with tuggy ropey things until Prince showed me how to play. I always let him win though. He was very serious about it. Now I quite like balls though. They run away (like cats) and I can pounce on them too (like cats).

5 If you could change one thing in your life, what would it be?

I would like to be able to chase the cats. Perhaps I need some ground and then in winter when it is cooler I could run around (not too much) and scare off the cats and rats. I don’t have any pix of me chasing cats. Sadly.

Other news

Am I the only dog who has been awarded Rockin’ Girl Blogger, Rockin’ Guy Blogger, and Rockin’ Dog Blogger?

Thanks to all my pals – I won’t mention which girlfriend awarded me the Rockin’ Girl Blogger, but it was cool of Bernaud Hinault Lilje to give me the Rockin’ Guy award – even if he did say I was a dog named Sue…..And thanks to Harry for giving me the Rockin’ Dog one. So now I’ve got the set.

And just to mention to Bella, that of course I love little skinny ones (mistress is very skinny) and I have always said how gorgeous you are. And I think Kuki is lovely too. So of course you are on my girlfriends list. xxxxxs

And as I said the day before yesterday – this post is for all our friends on DWB, and the ones who are no longer with us. Oscar, Prince, Reuben, Dakota, Angus – and the ones we never knew about. And it’s also for master and mistress’s dogs, Ben – who I never met, Paddy – who hated me to bits the little monster, and Prince, my best pal at the gate.


One comment on “Update, and tagged again.

  1. pix & kardz says:

    oh PIppa, i closed my eyes as i was reading your point number 5, and the latter part of your point number 4 🙂
    but despite those answers, you are still a very Big and Nice dog! 🙂

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