My five books – well, our five books

Master has told me I need to get on with a bit of macho-bonding. And stop sniffing after all you beautiful bitches.

But I am not going to do it today.

I am going to write about our books. Well, mistress’s doggy books.

I was originally tagged by Blue from England to write about books, but naughty mistress STOLE the tag and wrote about her favourite books on her blog.

Anyway, I have been tagged again, for the same thing, by beautiful MayaMarie, the Husky in the Window, (one of my adorable girlfriends I might add) so now we HAVE to write about doggy books.

Here is mistress’s Observer’s Book of Dogs. It cost seven shillings about 30 years ago. She liked it because when she was little she could learn all about different doggies.

Then she got another book. She especially liked this one because it had colour piccies. The Observer book only has black and white piccies. But this book cost 16 shillings. So that is more than twice as many dog biscuits as the other book.

Then she started to spend her pocket money on books with big colour photos. Here is a nice book with soppy puppy pix and it only cost 13 shillings.

She has some more old doggy books but that is (almost) enough for this post. Many years later when she went to an office and earned lots of pennies for dogbix like lots of your moms, she had some spare money and used to like going to book shops.

So this is the last book she bought. It has lots of beautiful photos and answers to interesting questions like “Why do some dogs chase their own tails?” And it cost a mega £16.99.

And lastly here are some excerpts from the Blue Peter Fifth Book (cost ten shillings). No, it’s not Shep. The dogs being bathed are Petra and Patch. And for those of you who don’t know, the presenters are Valerie Singleton, John Noakes and Peter Purves.

Here is the story of Bengo. Mistress loved to read about Bengo. He was a boxer doggy, and because mistress grew up with a boxer called Tarquin, she has always had a soft spot for them. (And now I have a beautiful boxer girlfriend called Penny – oops, not allowed to talk about girlfriends today).

Tarquin was her best friend. She didn’t have brothers and sisters so when her mummy and daddy told her off, she would always go and hug Tarquin because he didn’t care what she did. Us dogs are like that.

So those are our five books. They aren’t mine at all really. Mistress has stolen this post by default. She has a house full of books, and as you can see, she doesn’t exactly get rid of them because they are old.

When they were travelling round Spain in their 30-year-old Landy (not the one I go in, the green one in the garage that I have sat in and had my photo taken in) they met some nice Swiss people.

Master and mistress had their OLD Landy and a small back-packing tent. They stayed on camp sites with many expensive campervans and caravans. Some people felt sorry for them because they looked poor (not understanding the difference between poor and eccentric British says mistress) but most people were nice.

They had drinks with the friendly Swiss people, and the man, who used to be in the Swiss police, gave master a Swiss army knife with the police insignia. It was a nice present.

And they said they would visit master and mistress the next year. They did. The ex-police officer looked round the house with his eyes and mouth wide open. Not because of the small, basic house, but because of the amount of books. Master and mistress never heard from them again.


One comment on “My five books – well, our five books

  1. pix & kardz says:

    that was a funny ending to the post, Pippa.
    i agree though – you can never have too many books. 😀

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