How many girlfriends can a dog have?

Now today I have some important things to bark.

More new friends. Abby and Holly are friends of Huge Happy Hairy Harry and they have started their own blog today.

Holly is a collie, and Abby is a Saluki greyhound cross. The best news is they want to be my girlfriends. Hehe.

Please go and make them welcome.

On the topic of girlfriends, I said I would write about Guinness, who also wants to be my girlfriend. Guinness is a black and tan GSD and I think she is beautiful. Although she is now eight, you can see her puppy photo and her grown-up photo here.

She lives with one of my special girlfriends Misty.

Of course, all my girlfriends are special. But being a bit vain – mistress says all men are – I think it is so cool to have a girlfriend who looks like me.

Don’t you think she looks a bit like me eating my chips…

or waiting for my omelette…..

or having my head stroked…..

I only met her a few days ago when I asked you all what I was, and her peeps came on and said like many of you that I looked like some GSD, but perhaps Husky too.

There are lots of Huskies around here in Spain, which is a bit silly considering it is so hot.

Sometimes they end up on the streets because lots of people don’t like big dogs (or the cost of feeding them), or the fact they shed so heavily (I do).

Or maybe because they don’t bark much (I don’t) – therefore they are no use as a guard dog, which is often one of the main reasons for having a dog here, rather than as a companion animal.

We only know MayaMarie and Misty, so we are going to find a few Husky blogs and see if they will be friends, and then we can learn some more about them.

Oh, and Misery Mistress says I am not allowed any more girlfriends (for now), as she thinks I have more than enough for any self-respecting dog.

She also says I have talked more than enough about me and my girlfriends.

Well I don’t care what she says – if you think I am nice and you want to be my girlfriend, just ask.

Do you think I could win the Dog with Most Girlfriends competition (even tho’ I do have a girly name)?


2 comments on “How many girlfriends can a dog have?

  1. pix & kardz says:

    you certainly are a very handsome dude, Pippa! 🙂

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